Take A Tour Of The $71.5M Penthouse That Comes With A Free Aston Martin Vulcan

14 August 2019
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The penthouse suite of the new Aston Martin Residences in Miami not only offers spectacular views, but it also comes with the last remaining new Vulcan hypercar

It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to come across in a scene from James Bond, but even then scriptwriters might surely question, “Is this going too far? Surely no one will find it believable.”

They would not be wrong. The idea that one of the most luxurious penthouses in Miami would also come with an Aston Martin Vulcan…yeah, you’re dreaming.

Thankfully, the creativity of Britain’s most recognisable and iconic luxury car brand operates to challenge conventions and social norms. Theirs is a world to look at with awe and aspiration, often with mouth agape as you find yourself muttering the words, “One day” frantically, with the intensity one would expect of an avid yogi taking to their daily mantra.

But that is essentially what Aston Martin have done with their new Residences in Miami. Costing just a measly $71.5 million, the penthouse and car can be yours. When you consider the fact you get breathtaking views and the height of luxury, plus a $4.4 million car thrown in – it’s quite the savings package, particularly when the Vulcan is the last remaining out of the limited 24-vehicle production run.

In terms of the penthouse, it sits within the 66-storey tower located on Miami’s most elusive strip, marking Aston Martin’s foray into the luxury real estate market. Due to be completed in 2021, the building hits a level of opulence that few can even imagine. It might have the beachfront views and spas that most would expect of a penthouse, but then there’s also the marinas, art gallery and butlers.

The building also features key Aston Martin design elements, such as carbon-fibre reception desks, doors with custom-made artisan Aston Martin handles, number plate plinths and kestrel tan leather door tabs. And for the fitness-inclined, there’s a spinning studio, double-level fitness centre overlooking the ocean, a boxing gym, a virtual golf room, an art gallery, two cinemas, as well as a full-service spa, a beauty salon and a barber shop.

Taking up the top three levels of the tower, the penthouse is the tallest US residential square footage south of New York. The development’s seven penthouse and one triplex penthouse will be complemented by a range of expansive one- to five-bedroom apartments, all of which will be treated to panoramic views of Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Private pools and spacious terraces will also be enjoyed.

There’s no denying that those lucky enough to snag a condo in this tower will be living in luxury, but sadly the Vulcan only comes with the penthouse. For the uninitiated, the Vulcan is one powerful supercar. It boasts over 600kW and 800Nm from its 7.0 litre V12 and is capable of reaching the ton in around 3 seconds. But before you get too excited, we should mention one disclaimer: the Vulcan isn’t actually legal for road driving. But, your purchase does come with a membership to a private track club and driving lessons, so while you might not be able to take to the city streets, you can still hear the throttle of that ridiculous engine as you take to asphalt.

The curvilinear glass and steel tower is designed by Revuelta Architecture and Bodas Miani Anger, renowned for creating visually impressive and well-engineered landmark properties.

Via GQ Australia