The 10 Most Expensive Squads In World Football

10 September 2019
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No prizes for guessing who's already broke the billion dollar mark

It's a well known fact now that Football is an almost laughably big money business. Nowhere else in the world are players bought and sold like mules at a market, for such stonking amounts of money, and the inflationary nature of the amount of cash a player can command these days is enough to make your eyes water.

In just a couple of decades, we've gone from million-pound sales being the most a club can afford, to nine digit sums of money coming the norm for big-money deals. With the introduction of monstrous buy-out clauses that oil-rich clubs are more than willing to pay, most predict we're not far away from football's first billion-dollar sale.

Of course, all of this has become commonplace these days, to the point where we're largely desensitised to the amounts of money that get thrown around on a daily basis come the opening of the transfer window.

Football, like all other sports, will continue to grow in value as a market, but the sport lies in an intriguing position as, unlike other sports where players are largely traded like playing cards, you can put a set monetary value on each player.

Each year, the CIES Football Observatory adds all these together to put together a list of the most valuable playing squads in world football, tallying up the amount each team has invested to put together the squad they currently boast.

The results are truly staggering, with two teams cracking the billion-dollar mark for total net spend for the first time. Leader of the pack is the oil-rich Manchester City, who have spent the most in the world at$1.10 billion USD, followed closely by the Qatari-backed PSG, who've spent just a smidge over $1 billion on their playing squad, albeit to much more limited success.

According to the report, Chelsea, PSG, Juventus, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Liverpool have all reportedly spent a gross ten-figure sum on transfers over the past 10 years.

Check out the biggest net spenders in world football history below.

1. Manchester City - $1,120 billion

2. Paris Saint Germain - $1,008 billion

3. Real Madrid - $996 million

4. Manchester United - $829 million

5. Juventus - $794 million 

6. FC Barcelona - $770 million 

7. Liverpool FC - $706 million

8. Chelsea FC - $619 million

9. Atletico Madrid - $607 million 

10. Arsenal FC - $550 million 

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Via GQ Australia