Omar Sharif And The Best Dressed Men Of The 1970s

05 March 2020
Omar Sharif races through the woods to reach the train carrying his family in a scene from the film Doctor Zhivago 1965 Photo by MetroGoldwynMayerGetty Images
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Omar Sharif races through the woods to reach the train carrying his family in a scene from the film Doctor Zhivago 1965 Photo by MetroGoldwynMayerGetty Images
Seventies style wasn’t all brown corduroy and velvet flares as these icons prove

The 1960s is often described as a hero decade for menswear, but it was all a little dry, wasn’t it? Neatly cut suits and simple colour palettes were all well and good, but the 1970s was when men’s style really took off. Experimentation was rife, with stars of the era wearing bold tailoring, loud colours and plenty of denim - this was a decade where individuality came to the forefront. But who did it best?

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Robert Redford

Back in the ‘70s, few men were as well-dressed as Robert Redford. He embodied the more laid back style of the era versus the stiffer, more polished ‘60s before it. Redford could do it all, but his casual game was unparalleled - shearling jackets, double denim, chambray shirts worn tucked in to chinos, chunky rollnecks, aviators, and with a swagger only attainable from someone born in California, he's hard to beat.

Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye wasn’t content as the poster boy for Motown Records, which was forced upon him by the record company throughout the ‘60s. In the decade that followed he revolted, producing What’s Going On, a politically-inspired masterpiece that demonstrated his true creative potential. The way he dressed during this period reflected his change in tact - gone were his pin-sharp suits of the previous decade, and in came mid-wash denim, rolled beanies, knitted polo shirts and a general air of rebellion. And he was all the cooler for it.

Roger Moore

Sure, Roger Moore in the 1970s was all about James Bond, but away from playing 007, the British actor was just as smooth. Moore’s expertly cut tailoring never skimped on the details. He favoured a large tie knot always with a perfect dimple, strong-shouldered suit jackets with broad lapels and sleek loafers or Chelsea boots. If you need to dress the part for your next business meeting, look no further than Moore’s ‘70s wardrobe.

Omar Sharif 

One of the most well-known actors of Egyptian heritage - alongside Rami Malek, of course - Omar Sharif’s style heyday was arguably in the ‘70s. Instantly recognisable with his dense moustache and enviable jawline, Sharif wore his tailoring with a difference. Velvet jackets worn with rollnecks, leather blazers substituting for wool, and dark layered looks ensured he was one of the most stylish men of the decade.

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Sammy Davis Jr 

Despite a few looks that went a bit too far, Sammy Davis Jr’s flamboyant style offers up plenty of inspiration today. If you’re looking to make an impression at your next party or event, take a leaf out of his book. Away from the monotone suits of his Rat Pack days, Davis Jr shone in burgundy velvet jackets, loud pinstripes and checks, and patterned shirts, often while wearing necklaces, rings and bangles. Few wore jewellery better than Davis Jr in the ‘70s.