The Best of GQ Middle East's Long Reads

21 March 2020
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From Mohamed Salah and Rami Malek to falcon breeders and tales of heroism from Iraq, these are the features that have had us gripped

With the coronavirus potentially disrupting work patterns and many people either choosing or being advised to work from home, you may find yourselves with extra time on your hands.

Sure, you can spend it on Netflix or taking exercise, but let us also recommend some outstanding long reads from over a year of GQ Middle East.

From interviews with global superstars to the stories of heroism and overcoming adversity, our features will provide you with some much-needed escapism.

Let’s Begin With Mohamed Salah

GQ Middle East Mo Salah Alessandra Ambrosio

Out two-time cover star and Man of the Year 2019, the Egyptian King is a legend in his own lifetime. On course (season permitting) to take Liverpool to a historic Premier League win and with the footballing hopes of Egypt resting on his shoulders, Salah takes it all in his stride. After all, he’s one of the greatest ever to kick a football, and that’s all he wants to do.

Read: Mo Salah Just Wants to Play Football

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The Amazing Life of the Man Who Breeds Falcons For Gulf Royals

Bryn Close is a 65-year-old man from the north of England. Once homeless and stealing from shops to survive he now breeds some of the world’s fastest falcons. Here’s how he went from sleeping rough to driving a Rolls Royce and owning an Arab stallion.

Read: The Amazing Life of the Gulf Falcon Breeder

The Wild True Story of the First English Newspaper in Post-Saddam Iraq

Setting up the first English language newspaper in post-Saddam Iraq seemed like the next logical step after the fall of the regime. But, as the people who managed it, for a while, tell in this incredible true story, it quickly became a matter of life and death.

Read: The Wild, Dangerous True Story of Iraq's First English Language Newspaper

Kanye West in Conversation with Jim Moore

What happens when the most creative mind in hip hop meets one of the most successful creative directors of our time? They go deep on their careers, watches, Ralph Lauren and of course, big fits

Read: Kanye West talks to Jim Moore

On-set and in Conversation with Rami Malek

GQ Middle East’s inaugural cover star and eventual Best Actor Oscar winner, Rami Malek is blazing a trail in Hollywood. From Mr Robot to Bohemian Rhapsody and beyond, Malek tells us how it feels to be the biggest star in the world.

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The Truffle Hunters of Iraq

Truffle Hunters of Iraq

Hunting for one of nature’s most precious treasures is hard enough in the quiet woods of Italy, but in Iraq’s Anbar province, it becomes an entirely different set of risks.

Read: The Truffle Hunters of Iraq

Tan France on Dressing Sharply

Style advice is in no short supply, courtesy of our Style Columnist and International Man of Style 2019, Tan France. His message is simple: he wants you to be happy, comfortable and cool in what you wear. And no, you’re never too old for fashion…

Read: Tan France on Growing Old Fashionably

The Slow, Satisfying Re-Discovery of Arabic

Award-winning Arab novelist Youssef Rakha explains how he rediscovered the joy of Arabic. Having written it off as a medium for storytelling, three years of studying reintroduced him to the joy of Arabic literature.

Read: Youssef Rakha on rediscovering his native tongue

Munjed Al Muderis is Transforming Lives

Our social force award winner Mujed Al Muderis escaped the Saddam Hussein regime and went on to become a leading prosthetic surgeon, transforming the lives of his patients.

Read: Munjed Al Muderis is GQ's Social Force Award Winner