The Best Podcasts We're Listening To This May 2020

26 May 2020
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Image: Courtesy Of The BBC
Taking us out of lockdown and beyond

Here at GQ, we've made it a goal to roll out a regular list of every Podcast - old, new, popular or obscure - that you should get into your ears. We try our best to cover the latest new releases, while also highlighting some worldwide successes that you may not have picked up on yet, all to give you a podcast library that anyone would envy.

Now, with the Covid-19 Lockdown keeping more people indoors, looking for new ways to burn the time and constantly in need of informative, engaging ways to both stay caught up on the crisis and escape at the same time, we're more in need of great podcasts than ever. And as the GQ team has been listening to more new shows than ever, we thought we'd pool together our favourites and pass them on to you.

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Rabbit Hole

The latest in the New York Times' ever expanding, always excellent roster of podcasts, Rabbit Hole takes a deep dive into the dynamic and constantly shifting culture of the internet; something that every human being is affected by every day. The multi-part series tackles all the new issues becoming prevalent among a new generation of always-online users, from YouTube addiction, to just how dark things can get when one's life moves entirely online.

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Set Meals

Courtesy of the same podcast group that brought Football fans the ever-popular Football Ramble comes Set Meals, a journey of two mates through the culinary scenes of London and the world beyond. No cuisine or level of dining is off-limits, and it makes for a thoroughly sincere, eye-opening chat about everyone's favourite topic.

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Elis James & John Robins

Australia suffers from a truly appalling lack of relatively light-hearted, bingeable talk radio. Thankfully, BBC's 5 Live Radio service does a pretty good job of filling the void with its mixture of talk and sport content, and comedians Elis James and John Robins host perhaps its most underrated show. It's not complex listening, but it's comforting in the approachable, quick-witted way that British comedy often is. After a couple of episodes, you'll feel like they're two of your best mates.

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Grounded with Louis Theroux

Much like the rest of us, Louis Theroux is currently stuck indoors self-isolating. Taking inspiration from the current crisis and the lockdown measures enforced around the world, the documentarian's first podcast series will see him interview various high-profile people from the safety of their sofas.

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Not Alone

While it seems as if many will come out of the Covid-19 crisis somewhat in tact, for many, the mental health struggles that have come along with isolation (and what lies after it) have been an even heavier, unseen burden. BeyondBlue's excellent new podcast allows everyday Australians to talk openly about their mental health journey to help you with yours.

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