The Cast Of Lord Of The Rings Reunited For A Charity Zoom Call

05 June 2020
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One zoom to rule them all

You’ve got to hand it to Peter Jackson. The man not only brought Tolkien’s legendary work to life on the big screen, but he did so with such vision and passion for detail that the Lord of The Rings franchise is still regarded as one of the most influential film series ever made – one that grossed $2.981 billion worldwide. It’s hard to believe The Fellowship of the Ring came out nearly 20 years ago in 2001, but in the years since its release, it’s clear the film has gone on to provide a blueprint for Hollywood and the fantasy genre. But sweeping vistas and orcs aside, the film also shot its relatively unknown actors into a stratosphere of fame that was unprecedented at the time. And now, the OG LOTR cast virtually reunited in the name of charity for a fundraising Zoom call.

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Cue the LOTR puns: how precious! Hosted by Josh Gad of Reunited Apart, a series that brings together former cast members to raise funds for charity, those who first wandered through Middle earth were brought together for “One Zoom to Rule Them All.”

Familiar faces Sean Astin, Liv Tyler, Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Orlando Bloom, and Sir Ian McKellan all took part in the call and demonstrated that even years after wrapping up production on the final film, these actors are bonded for life, showing a camaraderie between each other and enthusiasm that will have you thinking you’re back in Bag End, sharing a glass of mead and a Halflings Leaf with Bilbo and his buddies.

During the Zoom call, the cast re-enacted a few of the iconic scenes from the trilogy – albeit in a much more low-key manner that would have had Jackson blushing at the thought. That’s one way to cut down your budget. Naturally, it wouldn’t be a cast reunion without seeing Andy Serkis do his haunting Gollum voice, as well as Sir Ian McKellen rattle off some of his lines as Gandalf. The cast paid tribute to Andrew Jack, the man who taught them all Elvish but who sadly passed away from Covid-19.

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Raising money for No Kid Hungry, an organisation seeking to tackle child hunger in the United States and ensure no kid has to go hungry, you need only watch the first minute of the call to know the actors surely raised a hefty sum through their reunion. And in such uncertain times as these, it’s nice to feel the comfort of nostalgia.

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