The First Images Of Avengers Campus Are Here, But Will Its Opening Still Go Ahead?

13 March 2020
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has captured our interest for years, and now Disneyland is bringing it to life

It may be close to a year since Avengers: Endgame smashed records at the box office, but the universe inhabited by pop culture’s biggest heroes and villains continues to pique our interest. Should you be one of the few who haven’t seen the Marvel films, you’ll likely be met with incredulity and a look of such scathing abhorrence, it penetrates the skin with the same ferocity of a public stoning. Because as anyone will tell you, Avengers is more than a film, it’s a pop culture phenomenon. And now the cinematic universe is being brought to life thanks to Disneyland’s new Avengers Campus.

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The Marvel area is the latest addition to Disney’s ever-growing collection of attractions, following the opening of the Star Wars-themed Galaxy’s Edge. While still a few months out from opening, reports from Entertainment Weekly suggest this new attraction will excite every fan. The publication writes, “The entire space is one cohesive area, divided into distinct zones: The Guardians of the Galaxy are already represented with Taneleer Tivan’s cosmic tower and Mission: Breakout, but there’s also the main Avengers building, a mystical outdoor Sanctum, the high-tech Pym Test Kitchen, and the newly established Worldwide Engineering Brigade, a.k.a WEB.”

For the food fiends, there will be a number of eateries inspired by restaurants that appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as other dining options based around characters. Pym’s Test Kitchen will be centered around the idea of food scientists experimenting with size-altering Pym Particles, while the Pym Testing Lab located next door will do the same thing but for alcoholic beverages (no doubt offering something for the weary grown-ups having to keep up with their kids). For an example of just how creative the chefs at Avengers Campus are, you can get a Quantum Pretzel (a giant soft pretzel) that comes with a beer cheese sauce, while the Caesar Salad and Colossal Crouton features one giant crouton. A PB3 offers a peanut butter sandwich with an edge, thanks to jelly that’s been blasted with Pym Particles and tinted blue.

Live stunt shows will take place at Avengers Headquarters, which can be viewed from a vantage point at the outdoor seating provided at Pym’s. The shows will include favourite characters like Black Widow, Black Panther, and Captain America.

Fans can also expect meet-and-greets from Tony Stark, a Dora Milaje experience where guests of all ages can be trained for an event, a quinjet that’s perched on the roof that will activate throughout the day, and conversations with Marvel characters that roam the Campus and are all too willing to interact with fans. As Polygon suggests, “The park is meant to feel alive, so props won’t just be stationary. Though Avengers Headquarters will eventually house the land’s big ride, when Avengers Campus opens it’ll be more like an immersive set piece.”

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Avengers Campus will open in Disney’s California Adventure on July 18, but one can only think that with the current trajectory of shutdowns and cancellations due to the coronavirus, this might change in the future. At the moment though, it’s all we can do to hope that it goes ahead.

Via GQ Australia