The First Trailer Of Dracula Shows The Blood-Drinking Count In A New Light

17 December 2019
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Image: Netflix

The creators of Sherlock are back with a new series that puts the iconic Dracula at the centre of the story

It’s the story that’s fascinated audiences for generations, that of Dracula, the blood-sucking count that has citizens left fleeing the streets and wielding wooden stakes adorned with garlic in an attempt to rid their homes of the gruesome creature. Since Bram Stoker’s 1992 Dracula, the character has become an iconic staple in pop culture and gothic literature. And in 2020, there’s going to be a new adaptation to inspire a whole new legion of fans.

As Deadline reports, the idea behind the new iteration of Dracula all began from Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss making a joke at the expense of Benedict Cumberbatch. At the premiere of Dracula, Gatiss revealed to the publication that he took a silhouetted picture of Cumberbatch sporting his Holmes coat with his collar up, remarking that it resembled the blood-sucking Count. After then showing the shot to BBC drama controller Ben Stephenson, the joke that Gatiss and Moffat should make a Dracula drama was verbalised and, as they say, the rest is history.

As Moffat added in an interview, “We talked about it as almost a jokey thing. We’d done Sherlock Holmes and the second most filmed character as we make our way down the list of plagiarism, was Dracula. As we talked about it, we started having ideas that we thought were quite good. It got to the point where we thought we should take this seriously.”

The official synopsis from Netflix reads, “The Count Dracula legend transforms with new tales that flesh out the vampire’s gory crimes – and bring his vulnerability into the light.” According to Empire, the new Dracula story will take place in Transylvania in 1897, where the count is plotting against the denizens of Victorian London.

Moffat and Gatiss present a version of the blood-sucking count however, that puts Dracula at the centre of the story rather than merely a peripheral figure as depicted in various adaptations of the story. As Gatiss told an audience at the BFI screening, “The big challenge we set ourselves was to make Dracula the central character in his own story for the first time. What’s it like as the anti-hero? What you have to give him is a personality which spans four centuries...You don’t want him to be just a shadowy presence.”

Playing the titular role is Danish actor Claes Bang, a choice Moffat said was made due to clear instructions received from the casting director regarding the iconic character. Moffat explained, “We needed somebody tall, dark, handsome, 40s, not wildly known for any particular role [and] not English, which is a very tall order.”

Netflix have revealed that all three episodes will drop on the streaming service just one day after the final episode of the show arrives to British screens. According to the streaming platform, you can expect to indulge in the haunted story of Dracula on January 4, 2020.

Until then, see a glimpse of the new spooky series from the trailer.

Via GQ Australia