The French Dispatch Trailer's Best Outfits, Ranked

13 February 2020
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Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures
Wes Anderson’s new movie features plenty of excellent menswear

The trailer for Wes Anderson’s new film The French Dispatch dropped this morning, and it appears to be the realization of peak Anderson. It focuses on a very proper weekly magazine that is inspired by and loosely based on The New Yorker. Timothée Chalamet, who looks like he was born on a Wes Anderson set, has finally been folded into the director’s coterie of actors. And like all Anderson movies, TFD incubates its characters inside its own little world, where tiny newsstands stand lonely among otherwise barren sets, a renowned chef dutifully whisks while flames erupt around him, and most everyone is washed in the shades foraged from a lagoon. I know I’m not supposed to love this movie as much as I already do—a precious magazine writer getting excited for a precious movie about magazines is a little on the nose. The menswear we get a taste of in the trailer only pulls me tighter into this movie’s grip—so here are the best looks, ranked.

8. Owen Wilson’s très chic beret

Owen Wilson’s character appears to have put so much effort into the top half of his outfit he was too exhausted to put together anything stylish for the bottom. That said, he’s absolutely pulling off that beret, and the ribbed sweater is making the case for The French Dispatch to be the best sweatered movie since The Lighthouse, ye dog. And let’s not ignore the fellow in the back wearing a turquoise boiler suit—that might be the biggest fit in this whole film!

7. This mouth-watering sweater vest

I want to spread my man’s dijon mustard V-neck sweater and matching tie on a jambon-beurre sandwich.

6. Breaking: this look rules

Love this outfit because it rings so true to my own life: when it’s time to do some REPORTING— that real capital-J JOURNALISM we all know and love—I always reach for my trusty pipe and fedora.

5. Prep really is back

Every brand that claims they’re reinventing prep—a dozen of which have seemingly sprouted up in Manhattan in the past couple years alone—is steaming mad this isn’t in their lookbook. Not enough guys wear ties with cardigans anymore.

4. A sharp-dressed man

When you’re unveiling a painting with this much d#mn panache it is basically a requirement to wear a sharp peak-lapel double-breasted suit like Adrien Brody’s. This is first-day stuff at art school.

3. The grail-chasing artiste

Huge cop: Benicio Del Toro's character, “the loudest artistic voice of his rowdy generation,” says Tilda Swinton, appears to have gotten his hands on the new SR Studio collection by Raf Simons collaborator Sterling Ruby.

2. Chalamet’s smart revolutionary

The wild hair, the professorial herringbone wool jacket, the polo layered underneath the sweater: this is the stuff (closet) revolutions are made of. Also, representation for fuzzy little mustaches is important.


Chalamet, self-care king.

1. No one in Soho dresses like this now, but they absolutely should

The outfit (left) putting the lost art of talk-show-safari chic back on the map. If you can wear it while sitting on a chevron-pattern rug, even better.

Via GQ