The Future Of The Star Wars Franchise Will Apparently Be Unveiled In January

21 November 2019
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Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

In case you hadn't realised, The Rise of Skywalker is far from the end of Disney's plans for the space-faring franchise

It's reasonable to assume that once The Rise of Skywalker premieres, all is said and done with The First Order and the blasters stop blasting, Disney will probably leave a bit of time for the dust to settle on the Galaxy. The last few years, after all, have been almost overwhelmingly Star Wars heavy.

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Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, of course, but even Disney CEO Bob Iger has indicated that it's probably wisest to give the fans something of a break for now as they map out the future of their extremely lucrative franchise. In September, he told The New York Times that Disney "put a little bit too much in the marketplace too fast."

Whatever does happen, however, it's clear that Disney clearly has one eye on the future of the franchise. Fans may well have to deal simply watching The Mandalorian for the next couple of years, but reports from Hollywood have emerged that Disney has already chosen the director to helm the next Star Wars film, which is apparently intended for release in 2022.

The decisions on the fate of the Galaxy rest largely with producer Kathleen Kennedy, who incidentally is reportedly leaving Lucasfilm in 2021. Earlier this year, she told Rolling Stone: "What happens in the future, and how long and how much longer I do this? I don’t know yet. I’m looking at all of that."

It is, however, believed that she has the foreseeable future of the Star Wars franchise mapped out, including a film being developed by The Last Jedi's Rian Johnson, alongside the aforementioned film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, an announcement on the nature of the project is due in January.

It's also widely rumoured that Kevin Feige, the production engine room behind the stratospheric success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be producing a Star Wars project of his own.

The sources who spoke to THR believe that Jon Favreau, who has worked with Disney on a ton of projects and who has importantly seen The Mandalorian debut to fantastic success, will have a big say in the creative direction Star Wars goes in.

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As anyone who's seen the first few eps of The Mando will tell you, if that does take place, it could bring with it a fairly dramatic shift in the tone of the franchise — one that may actually help revive the fortunes of a franchise that, under Kennedy's creative direction, has received mixed reception from passionate Star Wars fans despite grossing billions at the box office.

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