The Most Expensive House In The US Costs Over $750 Million

18 March 2020
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In early 2017, we got our first look at what was the most expensive house in the US. Built by property developer Bruce Makowsky of BAM Luxury Group - who made his fortune selling mid-priced handbags on QVC (really) - created a four-storey, 38,000 sq ft Bel-Air palace that had everything from 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, three kitchens, it's own car collection and helipad, to a bowling alley, indoor cinema, outdoor cinema, wine cellar and 130-strong collection of objet d'art.

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The house, at the time, was worth a whopping US $250,000,000.

(Image: Skyline Development)

But now, a new property is about to hit the market that not only takes the title, but doubles the value.

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A 9290-square-metre home in Bel Air, California, nicknamed “The One,” is set to hit the market for a total of $500 Million USD.

(Image: Skyline Development)

Sitting on the top of a hill in a 1.6-hectare gated estate that boasts 360-degree views of southern California, the home is more like a postcode than a single address.

On the premises, you’ll find four swimming pools, a bowling alley, a library, a gym, a tennis court, a nightclub, and a 20-car garage, while inside there are no less than 18 bathrooms and 25 bathrooms.

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There is also a three-bedroom guest house which – you guessed it – comes with its own spa and pool.

The listing of The One has been highly anticipated in the US, with the property seven years in the making due to permitting problems, construction delays and financing issues, according to Bloomberg.

(Image: Skyline Development)

It’s safe to say everyone is more than keen to see who the future buyer will be, especially after Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos splashed out on the most expensive house in California’s history, dropping a cool $US165 million on a Beverly Hills mansion.

(Image: Skyline Development)

(Image: Skyline Development)

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