The New Netflix Series Is So Scary It’s Terrifying Viewers Into Sleeplessness

30 July 2019
Typewriter, Netflix, Horror, Film
Image: Netflix

It's about a haunted typewriter (no, seriously)

If the popularity of scary series and films like A Quiet Place, Stranger Things and The Haunting of Hill House are anything to go by, the majority of us seem to love being scared.

Like any art form, films are subjective and when it comes to the genre, we choose our entertainment in the hope that it will affect us. Increasingly, we’ve seen that the violence depicted on screen – be it in the latest action-blockbuster or video game – is losing its impact.

You need only open the newspaper to see such behaviour played out in real time, and on a level that not even the world’s top gaming creators could have imagined.

Violence is one thing, sure. But horror, of the fright variety? That continues to affect something within our very core.

According to a 2004 paper in the Journal of Media Psychology, the three primary factors that make horror films alluring are tension, relevance, and unrealism, which seems a little counterintuitive given the second factor. Another theory suggests we watch these kinds of films with the hope of purging our own negative emotions and relieving pent-up aggression.

You might not even know your motives and reasoning when it comes to your fixation with scary movies, you just know you love them. And you can rest assured that Netflix and the creators that be won’t be giving up on the genre anytime soon.

Horror continues to be the industry’s most consistently bankable lane, and if the success of Bird Box proved anything, it’s that Netflix is capitalising on the trend, too. The latest horror sensation to arrive to the streaming platform is Typewriter and already it’s created a buzz.

What is it?

The five-part series by Indian director Sujoy Ghosh follows the story of five young friends living in Goa, a coastal region of India. A haunted house and a haunted book stir their imagination and they soon decide it would be a good idea (note: it never is) to visit the haunted house in their neighbourhood to capture a ghost. Of course, things naturally take a turn for the worse from there.

Fan reactions

It only arrived to Netflix last week but already Typewriter has amassed a huge fan following. Given that it’s only five episodes-long, it makes for a quick binge of delicious frights. Not surprisingly, viewers have been quick to take their scare stories to Twitter. Actress Taapsee Pannu took to Twitter to praise the series and warn that it wasn’t for the “faint hearted.” CNN claimed that the show is so scary, it’s preventing people from sleeping.

Via GQ Australia