The New No Time To Die Trailer Has Us Hyped

03 September 2020
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The wait is over: James Bond is returning

After a seemingly unending hiatus, thanks to the coronavirus, Bond is back on again, with the release of a new trailer for No Time To Die, ahead of the revised November 12 release date.

The 25th Bond film, starring Daniel Craig and GQ Middle East cover star Rami Malek, No Time To Die was originally slated for release on April 12 after a world premier on March 31.

Now, seven months later, the film will finally be released in time to hit the Christmas market.

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Rami Malek’s Forever Era Starts Now

The new trailer gives us a delicious look at Malek in his role as Safin, the latest Bond villain to be introduced to the franchise. Part Phantom of the Opera, part Hannibal Lecter, what we can glean from the trailer is that Malek is genuinely creepy.

The effect of extensive rewrites and the addition of Phoebe Waller Bridge to the writing team also looks to have made an impact, with Natasha Lynch as the new 007 and elsewhere, a brand new Bond girl who is as useful with a machine gun as Daniel Craig.

With Christopher Nolan's Tenet opening to a surprisingly strong international weekend, Bond's producers will be optimistic that No Time To Die will outperform expectations.

Trailers are about as reliable a predictor of quality as presidential exit polls these days, but nevertheless, we the new Bond film looks to have been worth the wait.