The Paint Palette Of Pablo Picasso Just Sold For Almost $100K At Auction

21 June 2020
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Images: Courtesy Of Sotheby's
The artist’s legacy continues to live on long after his death

In the extensive world of art, few names carry as much cultural significant as that of Pablo Picasso. Prolific in his time, the artist put his name to more than 20,000 paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, and photographs. From inventing cubism alongside Georges Braque, to the collage technique, and showcasing the power of art to act as political commentary with his masterpiece, “Guernica,” Picasso’s career spanned countless artistic movements. Today, you need only stroll through a modern art exhibition to learn that Picasso is an artist with enduring influence. Even today, artists continue to emulate his work, while others challenge it. Nevertheless, the techniques, interpretation, and styles he introduced to the art world continue to live on long after his death. And if ever there were any doubt to the acclaim of the artist, a recent auction of his used paint palette proves just how hot a commodity anything bearing the artist’s touch is.

Recently, auction house Sotheby’s presented over 200 works of the Cubist artist’s career in an auction called “The World of Picasso.” Over 60 works in the sale came from the personal collection of the artist’s granddaughter, Marina Picasso, and included a number of sketches in the artist’s famous cubist style, along with portraits of his second wife and muse, Jacqueline.

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A highlight in the collection that went up for auction were three paint palettes that were used by the artist in the ‘60s and ‘70s. While you might think nothing of an artist’s dirty, used palettes, those bidding didn’t share quite the same line of thinking. Rather, the palettes fetched a staggering price, selling for approximately $26,600 and $69,800 USD respectively. And given that the estimated sales price was just $2,500 and $7,500 USD, it’s clear that even those organising the auction underestimated just how valuable the Picasso legacy truly is.

The palettes were confirmed as authentic by the artist’s son, Claude Picasso, and come from the estate of Marina Picasso. They include two traditional wooden palettes used in 1973, as well as a piece of cardboard used in the early 1960s for mixing paints and testing colours. All three palettes contain remnants of Picasso’s oil paint mixtures still visible on the surface and feel like a tangible piece of history: you can see the artist’s process on the surface.

For more details and to view the rest of the collection that went up for auction, visit Sotheby’s website here.

Via GQ Australia