The Ramy Youssef Shows You Need To Watch

07 January 2020
Culture, Awards, Golden Globes, Ramy Youssef
Image: Getty Images for IFP

The Golden Globe winning actor and writer has been funny for years. Get up to speed with his work right here

This week Egyptian actor Ramy Youssef won a surprise (but well-deserved) Golden Globe for Best actor in a comedy series.

The American-born actor plays Ramy Hassan in the show he wrote, called simply Ramy.

This will perhaps be the first time you’ve come across the 28-year-old Youssef, but this actor, writer and comedian has plenty of material for you to catch up on. His work focuses on discussing the cultural and religious gap that exists between Muslims and their perception by the rest of the world.

Proudly religious, Youssef’s work is often about his faith and how people react to it.

For a start there’s the entire first season of Ramy, available on Hulu, for you to watch. The story of a first generation Egyptian-American wrestling with his cultural and religious identity in America is a very good place to start.

Next is his Comedy Special, Feelings, which you can find on HBO. Again, Youssef tackles cultural and religious differences, turning things on their head with an expert ear for tone.

And then there are a host of late-night talk show appearances and tight fives to choose from

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