The Stranger Things Cast Have Created The Ultimate Recap To Get You Ready For Season 3

26 June 2019
Culture, Netflix, Stranger Things
If only we had YouTube culture during the era of the wire

YouTube has ushered in the entirely new era of recap culture. The platform, which has allowed people to engage with the lore, fan theories and stories of their favourite shows and movies more than ever before, now serves as a platform for all manner of videos allowing people to get to grips (and therefore more invested) with the shows they love. Put simply, it's easier to be a passionate, critical TV fan than ever before.

Even so, you wouldn't think it would be all that necessary to provide a recap of Stranger Things: a show that's run for all of two seasons over the last three years and features a plot that's so simplistic, the kids that act it out seemed to have a pretty good grasp of what was going on from day one. A Game of Thrones recap, of which there are many on Youtube that go for up to an hour, we can understand.

But if amongst the noise of Game of Thrones, Avengers, Chernobyl, everything Keanu Reeves has done this year, and everything else that's captured the attention of the wider community in the last 12 months, you've lost track of what's going on in Stranger Things, a new recap courtesy of the show's cast will get you back to grips and separating your Demogorgons from your Mindflayers in no time at all.

At the very least, it's a good chance to see just how hard the Stranger Things cast has been hit by the steam train of puberty since the show first went to air with a toddler-looking Millie Bobby Brown in 2016. So many different takes on style! So many broken voices! Caleb's facial hair! Millie, by the way, is MIA, but it's cool to see each of the other cast members' own distinct personalities come to life in the video.

Stranger Things does manage to squeeze a lot of complex concepts into a two season run with not a lot of episodes, so coming back to season three it may be in your interest to get a little refresher course. The new season drops on July 4. To celebrate, Stranger Things have dropped a bunch of different 80s-inspired fashion collabs, including with both Nike and H&M. Also be sure to get all the goss surrounding the upcoming Pokemon GO-style mobile game Stranger Things has coming out next year.

Via GQ Australia