The Streaming Wars: Disney+ Averages 1M New Subscribers Daily

28 November 2019
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Despite a seriously botched launch, the streaming service amassed 10 million subscribers worldwide in just two days

The launch has become infamous, coming in second on the list of botched failures just behind that of Elon Musk’s cybertruck. If you missed it, the launch of Disney+ was one that was highly anticipated and, given the fact Disney has had us reaching deep into our pockets consistently since we were kids, you’d really have expected it to be seamless. Instead, the new streaming service struggled under the weight of a massive influx of users on launch day, causing the whole system to crash.

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But while many were quick to speculate whether what was promised by Disney regarding their streaming service was perhaps too good to be true, Disney were quick to put such rumours to rest. Clearly having made a full recovery from their launch, Disney+ now reportedly gains more than 1 million new subscribers to the service daily.

The figures come from research firm Apptopia, which also discovered that Disney+ has been downloaded 15.5 million times since its launch on November 12. It’s a significant statistic for Disney, and one that they can boast gleefully. The streaming industry is incredibly saturated, with Netflix not only proving to gain new users daily, but also producing original content that garners considerable attention even from those within the Academy at Hollywood.

Whether Disney+ would be able to cut through the noise and see people sign up to the subscription service instead was something that was always going to prove challenging, but the platform managed it almost overnight. Even before its launch, Disney attracted a record number of subscribers – as many as two million, while two days into its launch that number escalated to a staggering 10 million worldwide.

Apptopia’s data also reveals that Disney+ has not only attracted people to its service, but has retained their loyalty. The data reveals that people aren’t just downloading the streaming service, but are actually paying for it instead of merely opting for a free trial. In the first 13 days since its launch, Disney+ has seen $US5 million in in-app purchases.

Speaking to the publication Inside The Magic, Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said in an interview, “This shows the company is gonna be a legit competitor to the likes of Netflix. The pricing, the content, and the bundling was just a pure genius strategy from [Bob] Iger and Disney.”

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Although Netflix still leads the streaming battle with over 60 million paid subscribers in the United States and 97 million globally, it looks like Disney+ could quickly catch up.

Via GQ Australia