The Trailer For Attenborough's New Netflix Series Will Bring Out Anyone's Inner Eco-Warrior

By Brad Nash
06 February 2019
The latest trailer for Attenborough's new Netflix series is a 30-second emotional rollercoaster 
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The latest trailer for Attenborough's new Netflix series is a 30-second emotional rollercoaster 

The new nature series "reminding us that we're all on one team"

It's almost a yearly cycle by now. A new Sir David Attenborough docu-series comes out, showing increasingly spectacular, unique and mind-blowing ways in which the animals and plants of the earth find ways to survive and thrive, and at the end the legendary narrator launches into a spiel about the irreversible damage we're doing to our incredible planet.

Expertly composed music plays, everyone gets a little misty-eyed, and sales of re-usable bags skyrocket because no-one wants to feel personally responsible for the death of another whale calf.

You know the scene we're talking about.


It basically runs like clockwork now, even though Attenborough himself is in his nineties, and he's showing no signs of abating just yet.

Now his latest series is on its way — the first show he's ever made with streaming service Netflix. And once again, as with all things Attenborough puts his name to recently, even the latest trailer for it is a 30-second emotional rollercoaster.


The premise behind Our Planet is slightly different to that of his previous BBC shows. While series like Planet Earth and Blue Planet were spectacular showcases of the planet and the responsibility that we have as humans to keep it as stunning as it is, the new show will focus on the fact that Earth is, in fact, a planet that we share. A "new nature series," says Netflix "reminding us that we're all on one team."

Of course, that doesn't mean that Our Planet won't be a unique display of nature's greatest sights. The show promises to go to brand new environments and never-before-seen habitats, and judging from the trailer it also looks as if it's going to place a heavy emphasis on the creation of new life. Baby seals, orangutans and hyenas all appear.

Our Planet is also directed by Alastair Fothergill, who also worked on some of Attenborough’s most iconic BBC series, so expect the nature of the show to be very similar to your typical Attenborough piece.

Thankfully, those itching to get another heaping helping of Attenborough-narrated nature don't have long to wait. Our Planet arrives on Netflix globally on April 5.

Via GQ Australia