The Trailer For Gemini Man Confirms That Will Smith Hasn’t Aged Since The Fresh Prince

By Amy Campbell
24 April 2019
Will Smith, Gemini Man
The film will seamlessly place a 23-year-old Will Smith right next to a 50-year-old Will Smith

Until yesterday, Gemini Man was little more than a blip on the blockbuster horizon; a film that showed potential to fare well at the box office, it would star Will Smith – a sure sell – and be directed by Ang Lee, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker of Life of Pi and Brokeback Mountain.

But no one could predict the response the film’s first trailer would elicit when it tore through the walls of YouTube, as it did early this morning. We knew we were in for one Will Smith – but two Will Smith’s? Sparring off against each other in a special effects-laden bonanza?

This was something no one saw coming. Especially as we began to realise this was no Armie Hammer circa Social Network scenario, wherein Hammer played both the Winklevoss twins.

Rather, it seems the Gemini Man crew have managed to unleash some kind of wild sorcery, by seamlessly placing a 23-year-old Will Smith right next to a 50-year-old Will Smith. How?

Well, we have a couple of theories.

The film - which revolves around elite assassin Henry Brogan (old Will Smith) becoming the sudden target of a mysterious, hip new assassin-on-the-scene (young Will Smith) who’s somehow able to predict Brogan’s every move and thought - evidently has a state-of-the-art special effects team.

“This story is not one that could have been told with cinema as we know it. However, thanks to incredible new digital technology, not only can we finally see both younger and older Will Smith embodied together on screen, but we can also experience the story in a deeply immersive way,” says director Ang Lee in a statement.

Lee's not entirely explicit about whether or not the film used archival footage of Smith to create his younger alter-ego, but reading between the lines, we think there’s been some sort of magical FaceTune involved. There is hardly a wrinkle on young Smith’s face.

Our second theory is less plausible but still likely: Will Smith does not age. Sure, the Men in Black actor has been sporting more of a salt-and-pepper ‘do of late, but his skin, his smile, his rig – minus the questionable handlebar moustache, the man looks like he did during his Fresh Prince days.

Heck, sometimes we even get him confused for his son, Jaden. Which makes us wonder whether the Smith Family™ has access to some sort of hyperbaric chamber? Please, Will, share your secrets with us.

If you don’t believe us – or simply want to throw your own theory into the ring – you can check out the trailer for Gemini Man below.


Via GQ Australia