The Trailer For Guy Ritchie’s Latest Film Has Dropped And We Have Questions

03 October 2019
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The Snatch and King Arthur director has gone back to his roots with an all-star cast

Guy Ritchie has taken time out from directing enormous international blockbusters that reinvent some of the world’s best loved folkloric tales (King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes and er….Aladdin) to go back to his roots: a London-based crime caper.

The trailer for The Gentlemen has just dropped and it stars Matthew McConaughey and pretty much everyone else, except Jason Statham, but more on that later.

The film focuses on a shady American entrepreneur (McConaughey) who’s been made an offer for his business by a dynasty of billionaires. But, in the same way that Jaws isn’t about a shark, The Gentlemen isn’t really about business. In fact, it ostensibly appears to be about proper naughty geezers being, well, proper naughty.

The film is slated for release in February 2020. In the meantime, we have several pressing questions that need answering.

What’s happened to Charlie Hunnam’s voice?

Charlie Hunnam is from England. It says so on his Wikipedia page. And yet…Hunnam sounds like an American who’s been asked to do an impression of an Australian doing an English accent. At least, that’s what we think must have happened.

When did Hugh Grant get hard?

Let’s not pretend that Hugh Grant hasn’t always been extremely watchable. Four Weddings: great, Notting Hill: Go on then. About a Boy? Yeah, sure, why not? But after his outstanding turn in Paddington 2 he’s now become interesting to boot. Fans of obscure British comedy will have noticed that his character in The Gentlemen bears more than a passing resemblance to John Shuttleworth, with an air of underlying malice, and that’s alright with us.

Where is Jason Statham?

Jason Statham is Ritchie’s Robert De Niro. A long-time collaborator replaced by a younger muse. In this case it’s Charlie Hunnam not Leonardo DiCaprio but we can’t help feeling that all Guy Ritchie movies would benefit from an appearance by The Stath. That being said, Henry Golding playing the villainous billionaire who “explodes onto the scene like a millennial firework,” machine-gun in hand, looks great.

Who is Jeremy Strong’s Agent?

Did you see Jeremy Strong sat at the CIA briefing table in Zero Dark Thirty? Maybe. Did you notice him being brilliantly belligerent in the The Big Short? Very possibly. Have you seen him in Succession? Of course you have. And you’re probably about to see a whole lot more of him now that Hollywood has woken up to his compelling on-screen presence.

Why is everyone wearing glasses?

What’s the deal here? Does Ritchie have a sponsorship agreement with Vision Express? Because the ocular action in The Gentlemen is off the charts. In the trailer alone we counted at least six people wearing statement spectacles. From Hugh Grant’s seedy Seventies snooker player frames to Colin Farrell’s even seedier plastic monstrosities, we’ve not seen eyewear like this since Harry Potter.

Finally, are we going to watch it?

Well, yes. Of course we are.