The World (And The Internet) Vs The Coronavirus

16 March 2020
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The world is going into lockdown but, naturally, there are small pockets of hope emerging on the internet

The coronavirus is putting a strain on the world’s health services and economy. Schools are closed, supermarkets are selling out and people are being sent home from work.

But in amongst the very real consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, people are finding ways to lift their spirits.

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Italian residents practice balcony singing

In Italy, balcony singing between those who are under enforced lock down has spread across the country. The Guardian newspaper reports that

“From the southern cities of Salerno and Naples, and the Sicilian capital Palermo to Turin in the north, residents of apartment buildings and tower blocks are continuing to sing or play instruments, or to offer DJ sets, from their balconies in a trend that is spreading from Italy across Europe to Spain and even to Sweden.”

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Spanish fitness instructor leads group lockdown class

In Seville, Spain, residents under quarantine in a block of flats still managed to get their daily dose of exercise in. Stood on a platform in a central courtyard of their block, a fitness instructor lead the group in a workout that they all completed on their balconies (and at least 2m away from the nearest person).

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Irish supermarket announces special hours for the elderly

In the United Kingdom, a supermarket in West Belfast, Northern Ireland, has announced that from 8am to 9am each morning, it will be open exclusively to the elderly. Iceland, a supermarket chain operating in the UK responded to the news and advice that the over 70s should be quarantined for the next four weeks in light of the danger of the virus. The opening hours for the elderly will allow them to shop without coming into contact with others who could potentially be carrying the virus.

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Swiss Golfer Plays The #StayAtHomeChallenge

Swiss Golfer Matthias Schwab has been making light work of his time at home, combining two things the internet loves at the moment: trick shots toilet paper. Using his considerable skills with a golf club, Mattjias launches a roll of toilet paper out of his window into the Swiss mountains. What's Fore! in French?