There are twice as many men as women in Dubai

19 September 2019
A new government survey shows Dubai is still a boys club

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that the queues for the bathroom are getting longer? Well, you might be right because according to a new survey by the Dubai government, there are now twice as many men in the city as there are women.

To be specific the study showed that there is one woman in Dubai for every 2.3 men which means the city’s 3,232,000 people divides into 2,256,000 guys and just 976,000 girls.

The figures, taken in the first quarter of 2019 also show a jump of 1.2% in total population since the last survey in 2018. Based on daily and monthly estimates, the population figures are based on people residing with the border of the emirate, regardless of whether they are Emirati or not.

Of course, if the idea that Dubai is short on women seems a little hard to believe (especially when it’s ladies’ night pretty much every night of the week, here) it’s worth bearing in mind that these figures don’t take into account the 4.75m visitors the city also attracted in that first quarter of the year.

So, let’s do the maths. If we assume a 50/50 gender split for those tourists and add the numbers to the existing population, the city’s gender disparity evens out to a more balanced 1.3 women for every man.

Looking at the gender divide of other big cities like London, the split is roughly 50/50. In New York though, there is an imbalance in favour of women, with 51.5% female to 48.5% male. In Russia, things are even more skewed. Although there aren’t widely published figures per city, a 2018 survery showed that in the country as a whole, 46% of the population were male and 54% female. They don’t call it Mother Russia for nothing.