These Are The Hottest Brands In The World Right Now

06 February 2020
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The Lyst Index: The Hunger Games of It brands revealed

Lyst, the largest global fashion search platform with the ability to track over 10 million worldwide searches every month, has released its latest quarterly Lyst Index.

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What’s that, you say? Essentially, what it comes down to is a ranking of the fashion industry’s most coveted brands (and some of their products) all based on user-generated data.

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In a world where companies and corporations collect and record our daily online habits and movements – often resulting in disastrous outcomes (we’re looking at you, Facebook) – we’re pleased that this sort of information gathering can actually be put to good use. If you love a good shopping spree for the latest trends, that is.

Taking the top spot for the fourth quarter of 2019 is Off-White, which means the Milan-based label founded by American designer Virgil Abloh retains its position after it dethroned Gucci in the third quarter of that year.

It’s a revelation that will certainly be welcomed by Abloh, who took a few months off from work at the end of 2019, citing doctor’s orders over concerns for his health.

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Gucci climbed back up from its spot at number three in Q3 into the second position this quarter, moving Balenciaga back down one from its previous ranking, now placing it in third for Q4.

The rest of the top 10 “hottest brands” for Q4 is rounded off as follows:

4th: Moncler (up from 14th)

5th: Versace (down from 4th)

6th: Fendi (up from 7th)

7th: Prada (down from 5th)

8th: Valentino (down from 6th)

9th: Saint Laurent (remains the same)

10th: Burberry (down from 8th)

Lyst argues that the results reflect consumer awareness of sustainability in the industry, which appears to have peaked in the last quarter.

“From Prada signing a loan that will see interest rates lowered in exchange for meeting sustainability targets, to Burberry announcing a partnership with resale site The RealReal, to Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri launching the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge, these initiatives offset the traditional ‘buy, buy, buy’ mentality of the quarter – and point towards a wider shift in the industry.”

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Lyst also revealed its hottest products for men, including the Moncler Maya Jacket, the Gucci GG wool jacquard scarf and the Alexander McQueen exaggerated-sole leather trainers.

Now that you’re equipped with all that knowledge, you have the perfect excuse to shop the trendiest of fashion fits.