Things To Look Out For At Dubai Expo 2020 As Clock Ticks Down

23 February 2020
Mobility Pavilion
Dubai Expo 2020

Mobility Pavilion

Pavilions, food, transportation and technology at Expo 2020 will fuse cultural and futuristic themes

The clock is ticking. Dubai Expo 2020 is now less than year away, only just.

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With 192 countries taking part, expect some state-of-the-art country pavilions to pop up and exhibitions and innovations to be announced from now until doors the open to the world on October 20, 2020.

Already, many attractions and experiences have been announced. Here are six things we already know about Expo 2020.

Country Pavilions

The individual country pavilions are starting to take shape, many fusing traditional and futuristic designs to reflect each nation’s culture.

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There’s Belgium’s pavilion with its renewable energy resources and focus on the country’s cuisine. China’s pavilion aims to mix its heritage with western design, and at 4,636 sqm will be one of Expo 2020’s largest. And Singapore’s will highlight sustainability with a net-zero energy rainforest.

There are many others, each with their own designs and stories.

Thematic Pavilions

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Expo 2020’s site will include three thematic pavilions, with the first, the Mobility Pavilion, detailing the history of the planet as well as looking forward to how technology will impact its future.

The Sustainability Pavilion will focus on the impact of human activity on the planet and how the balance can be redressed.

And finally, the Opportunity Pavilion will allow visitors to take part in interactive experiences and and games.

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Emirati Opera

Dubai Opera may be one of the city’s most popular attractions for culture-lovers, but not many of the acts that have graced it have been home-produced.

That is all about to change as Expo 2020 Dubai has commissioned the the UAE’s first ever opera.

“Al Wasl” will reveal thousands of years of the country’s heritage, and will involve Emirati and international artists.

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Few things cross borders as effortlessly as different cuisines do.

And with over 190 nations present, Dubai Expo 2020 will be home to more than 200 food and beverage outlets, covering 50 cuisines and providing what is expected to be 300,000 meals a day.

Emirati hospitality will take pride of place as will food from the Arab region and around the world. Alongside some of Dubai most popular and established local restaurants, there will be space for newcomers and international outlets.

Sticking to the themes of future innovation, Expo 2020 will also showcase the growing role of technology and robotics in the preparation of food.


The imminent Dubai Metro route 2020 will have seven new stations and should ensure transport to and from Dubai Expo is as smooth as possible for visitors.

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The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently announced that the smart stations will  also display 3-D cameras as an added safety feature, ensuring wheelchairs or families with push-chairs are given extra time to enter and exit gates.

Life-changing 3-D printing

In 2016, the Dubai Future Foundation erected the first ever functioning 3-D printed offices outside the Emirates Towers off Sheikh Zayed Road.

It was a statement that Dubai intends to embrace the emerging technology, whether in the fields of buildings, robotics or human organs.

Dubai Expo 2020 will continue that process by showcasing the latest that 3-D printing technology has to offer in the medical fields.