This Is How Much Your Favourite TV Actors Make Per Episode

19 December 2019
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With streaming becoming an increasingly competitive market, streaming platforms will do anything to attract and retain the biggest talent on their service

Ellen DeGeneres (Stand-up comedy special, Netflix)

Earnings: $20 million to $25 million

Chris Evans (Defending Jacob, Apple TV

Earnings: $750,000

Patrick Stewart (Picard, CBS All Access)

Earnings: $750,000

Jason Momoa (See, Apple TV)

Earnings: $600,000

Ansel Elgort (Tokyo Vice, HBO Max)

Earnings: $500,000

Cardi B (Rhythm & Flow, Netflix)

Earnings: $500,000

Chance the Rapper (Rhythm & Flow, Netflix)

Earnings: $500,000

Paul Rudd (Living With Yoursefl, Netflix)

Earnings: $450,000

Via GQ Australia