This NASA-funded Pod Is Like Living On Mars

25 February 2020
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Images: Supplied
Serious architects are designing habitats for Mars. Do your own prep at NASA-funded AI Spacefactory by booking a stay in its earthbound Marsha pod prototype – in Upstate New York – from March

The pod’s earthbound prototype, “Tera”, will be 3-D printed from a biopolymer basalt composite. Made from corn and sugar cane, this is stronger than concrete but can be composted away at the end of its life.

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Your NASA-approved home-away-from-home awaits

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The interior is spread over four levels, each with its own function: garage, kitchen, sleep and recreation. All have their own window plus circadian lighting to maintain the body’s natural day and night rhythms.

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The real pod will be 3-D printed on Mars using planet-based resources. In-situ construction is the only way to create space habitats – taking them from earth by rocket is not feasible.