This National Geographic Documentary Reveals The Secrets Behind How Abu Dhabi Was Built

12 February 2020
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The capital takes centre stage in a new film about cities of the future

Sometimes need a break from those completely addictive yet utterly over-the-top-but-I-keep-clicking-play-next-episode dramas (hello, You) so you opt for something, should we call it, more substantial?

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One such documentary we’re looking forward to is Modern Cities – The Building Blocks, which debuts this week on National Geographic. The fascinating 44-minute watch lifts the curtain on the infrastructure of future cities, telling a beautifully filmed story through Abu Dhabi General Services Company, Musanada, the government entity responsible for pioneering the city’s world-class infrastructure.

Fun fact: Over 55 per cent of the world’s population lives in cities, with that number projected to reach 68 per cent by 2050. What this documentary sets out to reveal is how exactly a modern city like Abu Dhabi functions, especially with regard to the daily ins and outs that we all take for granted.

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Hosted by Emirati TV presenter Ahmed Almarzooqi, we find out exactly that: the constant supply of fresh water you need to make a fresh cuppa, the electricity and data required to Instagram said cuppa, and of course, providing education and healthcare access to millions of residents in the UAE.

The documentary looks as far back as the 18th century, revealing the history of civil engineering, a discipline that only really took off in the region in the last 50 years. Back in 1965 there were no paved roads, schools or electricity, an amazing thought considering Abu Dhabi now boasts 2.9 million residents.

Modern Cities – The Building Blocks also shows how Musanada operates right now to ensure infrastructure projects remain top class, including how Abu Dhabi’s 4.4 billion Dirham integrated health facility Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City – soon to be not only the largest hospital in the UAE, but one of the world’s most modern – came into operation.

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This film will entice you to play the role of knowledgeable tourist guide the next time you hit Abu Dhabi.

‘Modern Cities - The Building Blocks’ will premiere on National Geographic Abu Dhabi on February 13 at 10pm UAE time/9pm KSA time.