Tiger Woods Is Getting His Life Story Told In A New HBO Docuseries

10 June 2020
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After the success of the last dance, the story of another sporting goliath is now set to be put under the microscope

If you know anything about golf, you'll know that there aren't many personalities in the sporting world who are going to be more difficult to play than that of Tiger Woods. The golfer, who's almost certainly the greatest of all time, was notorious for his almost robotic personality: one that combined precision and utter ruthlessness on the course to create a player so dominant at the peak of his powers, the game of golf had never (and has never) seen the likes of him before.

A personality like Tiger's was the result of one of the most heavily discussed upbringings in the world of professional sport. His father had a famous messiah complex surrounding his son, whom he raised for greatness pretty much from day one. Much of Tiger's story stems from this upbringing, from the triumphant highs to the incredible lows to which both his professional and personal life sank.

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No one piece of literature has told this story better than Tiger Woods — the biography written by renowned sports writer Jeff Benedict, last year. It's a triumph of a book, capturing everything that made Woods so great, and everything that led to his downfall (it was, of course, released pre-his incredible comeback), in gripping detail. Benedict and his co-author spoke to more than 250 people for the book, including other professional golfers and Woods’ longtime chiropractor Mark Lindsay.

Now, the book is being turned into a scripted mini-series — one that will comprehensively tell the full Tiger Story once and for all. The rights to turn the book into a series were acquired by Wheelhouse Entertainment, which also operates Jimmy Kimmel's newly-formed content company Kimmelot, last year.

"[...] When I picked up Tiger Woods I saw what a true force Jeff really is—and a compelling way to bring the Tiger Woods story to life as one of the most moving in sports history," Wheelhouse CEO Brent Montgomery told Deadline.

"IP is becoming more important than ever before and to partner with a writer of Jeff’s caliber – someone who nails perfectly the experience and emotion behind epic people and their stories – is a huge win for Wheelhouse. It’s an enormously rich pool from which to create exciting projects in and around sports, and other high-intensity environments. We are ecstatic to be in the Jeff Benedict business."

Now, the story told by Keteyian and Benedict is set to be brought to the screen by none other than HBO, with a documentary series based around the book set to air later this year, perhaps to coincide with the rescheduled Masters tournament.

“I can tell you that it’s scheduled to come out in the fall,” said Keteyian. “Don’t be surprised if it airs right around the Masters in November. If you are HBO, that’s the smartest and best place to do it. I can tell you this, I have seen it now several times, including this morning when I watched the final two hours. It’s a fabulous job.”

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Keteyian also said many of the key figures interviewed in the book will appear on the docuseries, including others who weren’t, according to Golf.com.

The documentary is set to be produced by Alex Gibney, whose work not only includes popular financial drama Billions but sport docos like The Armstrong Lie. Much in the same vein as 30 for 30 and The Last Dance's version of long-form storytelling, it'll consist of two two-hour episodes.

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