Timothée Chalamet Rocks A Serious Bowl Cut In New Poster For The King

25 August 2019
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Image: Instagram

The Internet be drooling

Timothée Chalamet has a jaw that could slice straight through an avocado stone. If you don’t believe us, take one look at the new poster for Netflix’s The King, which Chalamet uploaded to his Instagram this morning. Seriously, you see jaw before you see man.


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David Michôd’s THE KING

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Facial features aside, the release of this poster is exciting for multiple reasons, as you may have gauged by the level of brouhaha that’s erupting in the comments beneath Chalamet’s IG post.

Firstly, the cast is stacked with stars, the saucy storyline revolves around power and abuse (who doesn’t love a melodramatic medieval drama?) and - and! - it’s being driven by a host of talented Aussies.

Directing the film is David Michôd, the man behind Animal Kingdom and the George Clooney-starring series Catch-22. Michôd co-wrote the script with Joel Edgerton. Edgerton will also star in The King, playing the ageing alcoholic mentor of Chalamet’s character, John Falstaff.

Of course, Chalamet plays Hal (which is the actor’s middle name IRL!), a renegade prince who rejects his royal upbringing and the politics of the palace to live with the people. This is until his father, King Henry IV, dies and Hal is forced to inherit the throne.

According to Netflix’s synopsis of the film, “the young king must navigate the palace politics, chaos and war his father left behind, and the emotional strings of his past life.”

The King also stars Sean Harris, Ben Mendelsohn, Robert Pattinson and Lily-Rose Depp. Given that Chalamet and Depp are an actual offscreen couple, we can’t wait to witness whatever onscreen chemistry unfolds between them. We mean that in a non-creepy way.

Part of Netflix’s pivot towards the cinema, The King will play in select theatres when it premieres later this year. As will Scorsese’s The Irishman, which has been tipped to be the crown jewel of the streaming platform’s spring offering.

However, with a poster like this and a chin like that, we can’t help but sense these two films will be battling against each other come Oscars season.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition, right? Let the games begin.

Via GQ Australia