Toronto Has Scored Itself A Luxury Apartment Block Designed By Pharrell

07 November 2019
Culture, Design, Apartment, Pharrell Williams
Image: Norm Li

"Expertly crafted, but delivered in a way that left everything else up to the imagination of the person occupying the space"

Here in the UAE, we're not strangers to the concept of a luxury apartment. But not every city is as au-fait with high-rise luxry as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Take Toronto, for instance, who just got a block of apartments designed by Pharrell.

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Pharrell, the multi-talented rapper, singer, producer and designer, has put his pencil to architectural design before, having collaborated with the likes of Zaha Hadid and Oppenheim on buildings. With the Untitled Toronto project, though, he's trying his hand at designing a residential property for the first time.

In a video announcing the properties, Pharrell explains the vision behind the condominium is to provide people with a clean slate from which they can express themselves creatively. "To live your life untitled means not having to live up to something or perform beyond a standard," he says. "For the standard to literally just be this beautiful matrix that allows people to create their own world. How could we as designers ensure the essentials were really thought out and expertly crafted, but delivered in a way that left everything else up to the imagination of the person occupying the space."

The interior of the development hasn't been unveiled yet, but will be done courtesy of interior designers U31. It's expected they'll be stripped back and minimalist, allowing residents to put their own spin on their ideal living space.

"The opportunity to apply my ideas and viewpoint to the new medium of physical structures has been amazing," he continued. "Everyone at the table had a collective willingness to be open, to be pushed, to be prodded and poked, to get to that uncomfortable place of question mark, and to find out what was on the other side. The result is untitled and I’m very grateful and appreciative to have been a part of the process."

The Untitled development is due for completion in 2020, and will contain 750 units. Given Toronto's soaring property prices, they'll no doubt be absurdly expensive, too. In more crazy architecture, see inside the $55 Million Beverly Hills dinosaur mansion (with a legit dinosaur in it).

Via GQ Australia