Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Welcomed To UAE With Personalised Passport Stamp

25 June 2019
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Credit: Dubai Media Office
We want to be as cool as Dorsey

You know that fulfilling feeling flicking through your passport, proudly, and seeing all the entrance and exits stamps of places you've visited? If like us, you travel frequently (whether for business or pleasure), chances are you'll relate.

But that's likely as good as it's going to get for us mere mortals. Because if you're Twitter's Jack Dorsey, it gets much, much better.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Welcomed To UAE With Special Passport Stamp

(Credit: Twitter/@jack)

In his first visit to the United Arab Emirates, the 42-year-old American entrepreneur was welcomed to Dubai with a special entry sticker featuring Twitter's signature blue bird logo, his already impressive handle (it's simply... @jack – if your name is Jack and you're reading this, don't tell us you're not even slightly envious) and the city's iconic skyline. Dorsey tweeted a photo of his passport along with the greeting, "Marhaba Dubai".

The CEO is on a "Tweep Tour", visiting the company's global offices. Dorsey launched Twitter's #YouthForGood initiative in a bid to encourage the use of social media for humanitarian and social causes.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Welcomed To UAE With Personalised Passport Stamp

Credit: Dubai Media Office

Dorsey also met with deputy ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed, who started his own Twitter account. Naturally, the royal has already amassed thousands of followers.

"Dubai and Twitter share many aspects in common. Both stand as global hubs open for people, build bridges of understanding and dialogue among nations and represent platforms to nurture youth’s energies and creativity," read one of Sheikh Maktoum's first tweets.

He finally joins his father Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and brother Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed on Twitter. Both have been active on the platform for years and have followers in the millions.

Happy tweeting, family!