Tyson Fury And Co’s Build Me Up Butter Cup Is The Perfect Coronavirus Antidote to Imagine

31 March 2020
Tyson Fury, Joseph Parker, Build me Up Buttercup, Instagram, Scott Dixon, Michael Buffer, Dean Schneider, Matui Walters, Coronavirus, Covid 19
Image: Mark Ralston / AFP

The Heavyweight Champ enlisted some friends for a celebrity video we actually quite like

It’s been a rough month for celebrities. From having their films releases out back due to coronavirus and their events cancelled, to being self-isolated in enormous compounds with private pools and no one to swim with. Presumably a few of them were also contacted by Gal Gadot and asked to sing in that viral video.

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Safe to say, deciding to make another viral video full of famous people singing a song doesn’t, on paper at least, sound like something the rest of the world would want to see right now. And yet, somehow, a gang of, frankly, the most incongruous celebrities we’ve ever seen, has made it work.

Heavyweight champ Tyson Fury and fellow boxer Joseph Parker have covered The Foundations’ Build Me Up Buttercup, with help from Michael Buffer (the boxing announcer with the crazy voice) Indie car driver Scott Dixon, Nick Mowbray, Dean Schneider (the guy who wrestles lions on Instagram) rugby player George Burgess and guitarist Matiu Walters.

Together they sing, dance and mime their way through the ‘60s classic and we should hate it but… we don’t?

There’s something about Joseph Parker tentatively playing the opening notes on the piano before Tyson Fury strides in, full floral suit on the go, in a big-fit for the ages and begins belting out a bit of top drawer dad dancing.

Cut to kids dancing, babies being held and dogs being carried and really, it’s impossible to resist.

More anarchic and all together less worthy than the Imagine video, it’s oddly charming.

Oh and did we mention that there’s a lion in this one? Several lions, in fact. Perhaps that’s what Gal Gadot’s version was missing.

“Happy video in hard times” said Fury in the post that accompanied the video. We’re inclined to agree.