Watch Today’s Solar Eclipse In The UAE, Live

21 June 2020
Solar eclipse, UAE, Annular eclipse, Sun, Moon
The moon will obscure the sun and create a ring of fire at 9.36am

If it's looking oddly dark this morning, you might want to put on some sunglasses, step outside and take a look at the sky.

An annular solar eclipse is happening right now, and is visible in the skies of the UAE. If you don't have sunglasses to hand, you can watch it live via the International Astronomical centre’s YouTube channel, too.

The partial solar eclipse, of up to 93 percent, will be best viewed at 9.36am this morning, so you still have time to catch it.

This is an annular eclipse, where the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. However, this won’t be a total eclipse as the moon is not close enough to completely obscure the sun.

However, at the peak time, the eclipse will be such that it creates a 'ring of fire' around the edge of the moon.

If you want to watch it live do not look directly at it, unless you’re wearing sunglasses or a filter. Even then, you need to be sure that the filter meets the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. And yes, your eclipse glasses can be worn over regular eyeglasses.

In total the eclipse will last nearly four hours, finishing at around 11am today.

Watch it live here on the stream above, direct from the International Astronomical centre. Or, provided you have the right glasses, step outside and look up.