We Can't Live Without Our Air Conditioning... And There's One Man To Thank

08 July 2019
Air Conditioning, UAE
A UAE-wide survey reveals half of respondents value AC above Wi-Fi, smartphones and cars

Ever heard of Willis Haviland Carrier? Chances are you haven’t.

The name, unlike another prominent engineer’s, Alexander Graham, hardly rings a Bell.

Bad puns notwithstanding, Bell is universally known as the Scotsman who invented the telephone in 1876.

For a century, his famous creation led to the mass manufacturing of handsets across the world. In the early1990s, mobile phones came into our lives, though little did we know at the time to what extent that would ultimately be. The 2000s brought the rise of the iPhone and other smartphones which became home to social media, shopping apps and ultimately our pathological undivided attention.

Which, we can all agree, hasn’t always contributed positively to humanity’s wellbeing. Thanks a lot Alexander.

Carrier on the other hand, is the father of modern electrical airconditioning. A true hero among men, whose contribution to mankind can barely be overstated.

Not surprisingly, air conditioning has been named the most important factor for quality of life in the UAE, according to half of respondents to a nationwide survey.

Commissioned by AC provider Taqeef, the survey of 1,000 people, ranked AC as “life essential” and rated it more important than Wi-Fi, smart phones or cars.

That’s right, if you’re sitting somewhere comfortably, probably glued to your smartphone, it is the fine American gentleman Carrier that, whether you’re aware of it or not, has a bigger impact on your life than Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or that villain Bell.

Over half (56 percent) of the people surveyed ranked their AC as the one item they cannot live without even for a single day; followed by Wi-Fi (36 percent), car (27 percent) and a smartphone (25 percent). 

From home to carpark, to car, to work carpark, to office. And back again. Many of us, with little a planning, can go days cooped up indoors in the presence of air-conditioning, with barely a need to step out into the oppressive heat and humidity.
Mr Carrier, you have our eternal gratitude.