What Does The Future Hold For Anthony Mackie's Captain America?

27 June 2019
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Credit: Marvel
Was the ending of Endgame just a symbolic move by Marvel, or is Falcon set to don the vibranium shield and lead the MCU into a new era? As it turns out, Mackie himself doesn't really know

Avengers: Endgame's greatest quality is the choice of threads it chose to weave. Many ends were left, so to speak, untied, while the ones that really mattered (the end of Iron Man and Steve Rogers as Captain America, for instance), were satisfying despite the fact that everyone realistically knew they were coming.

However one moment left a few fans more than a little mystified: the handover, so to speak, of the Captain America mantle from Chris Evans' Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson, otherwise known as Falcon. It was a surprise to everyone, including, as he revealed in a recent interview with Men's Health in the States, Mackie himself.

Mackie revealed that he only found out about his new role the night before he was due to shoot it, courtesy of the incumbent Captain America while he was at Evans' house watching football. "Chris gets the look of a six-year-old kid on his face, runs away, and comes back with the script," Mackie said. "I’m reading it, and it dawns on me what’s happening."

"They were like, ‘Are you ready for tomorrow? You’re getting your shield,’" Mackie recalled. "I’m like, ‘Get the f*** out of here.’"

But it left fans more than a little confused. Most walked in to Endgame thinking that it would be the last three hours they witness Captain America on the big screen. Many had also read the bubbling rumours that Disney, as part of its new streaming service, would be bringing Mackie to the small screen as the winged superhero in their Falcon and the Winter Soldier spin-off.

Suddenly though, Sam Wilson, as Falcon goes by normally, was Captain America, and no-one could quite figure out why. Sure, the Captain America title had to be passed on, that much is obvious. But how would they tie Sam, who only became Captain America in a separate string of Marvel comics back in 2014, into the general timeline of the films? Would Falcon become a flying Captain America hybrid? Would he drop his previous moniker altogether, as he did in the comics? Or would Falcon be a prequel with Mackie set to assume the role further on down the track when Marvel is ready to start making Captain America films once again?

No-one really seems to know, once again, including Mackie himself, however he's in it for the long-haul. He doesn't even know what version of Falcon (or which stage in the character's timeline) he'll be playing in his headline show.

"I’m guessing I’m Fal-Cap, or... I don’t know," he said. “I haven’t even seen a script."

“I just wait for the phone call," he continued. However it's impossible to ignore the magnitude of Marvel's decision when it comes to the portrayal of Black superheroes. If Black Panther, which grossed a billion dollars at the box office, was Marvel's statement of intent, the introduction of a black Captain America seems all but inevitable. Mackie himself is signed on for ten Marvel movies, six of which he's already completed. But anything is possible.

Via GQ Australia