Wilder vs Fury III Is Officially Going Ahead

03 March 2020
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Image: Al Bello/Getty Images

After suffering the first defeat of his career, Deontay Wilder is preparing to return to the ring to face the man that stripped him of his belts

Just under a week since Deontay Wilder tasted defeat for the first time in his professional career, the former heavyweight champion has already decided to get back into the ring with the man who took everything from him. According to the agreement between Wilder and the new champ, Tyson Fury, Wilder had 30 days to exercise a rematch clause to set up a third fight. On Monday, Wilder’s camp informed Fury’s promoters that they would be triggering the clause. The third fight in a series of incredible bouts is expected to take place sometime in winter this year.

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After years of dominance in which Wilder knocked out every fighter he faced save for Fury and held the WBC heavyweight title for five years, Wilder was humbled dramatically by Fury in a seven-round masterclass last Sunday. The fight ended controversially as Wilder’s team threw in the towel in the seventh round of the fight despite his orders to let him keep fighting. Still, there was no doubt that Wilder was losing the fight having been knocked down multiple times by Fury and looking so punch drunk that he struggled to keep his hands up to defend from the Gypsy Kings blows. All the same, Wilder said that he wanted to go out “on his shield” as a warrior rather than by giving up on the fight.

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In a Twitter post on Saturday, the Bronze Bomber said that he saw the third fight as a continuation of a war that he and Fury had been waging since their first bout in 2018 which ended in a draw. Wilder promised to rise from the ashes “like a phoenix”.

Despite a bevy of excuses - Wilder claims the heavy costume he wore to walk out for the fight weakened his legs and that a rival fighter influenced his corner’s decision to throw in the towel - the Bronze Bomber didn’t look like a match for Fury at all. Even in their first match-up, which went the distance and ended in a draw, Wilder looked outclassed for most of the fight and many punters claimed that Fury was robbed of the victory. Regardless, any fight between these two heavyweights is sure to draw the eyes of the boxing world once again, but until then, Tyson Fury remains the man to beat in boxing’s iconic heavyweight division.

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