You Can Now Buy Darth Vader’s Helmet And Mask From Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

09 September 2019
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Image: 20th Century Fox

Ok, so it might be a little sweaty, but Darth Vader’s screen-worn helmet and mask from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is now up for auction and it’s expected to fetch around half a million dollars

For many, it’s the best flick in the Star Wars franchise. We are of course talking about Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, where Luke Skywalker and the other rebel heroes are pursued by the infamous villain, Darth Vader. The movie spans countless action that includes a Yeti-like monster almost mauling Luke to death on the ice planet, Yoda providing some classic Jedi training, and the growing romance between Han Solo and Princess Leia. But all of that –  incredible as it is – is practically superficial fluff in comparison to what is one of the greatest movie moments of all time: Luke’s confrontation with Darth Vader in a single, artfully directed lightsaber duel that culminates with a revelation concerning Luke’s family tree.

Did we give too much away? Heck, it’s 2019 – spoilers do not apply.

The movie continues to resonate with audiences, and still stands out as one of the greatest in the sci-fi franchise. But for some avid fans, the fact that Darth Vader’s helmet worn by actor David Prowse in the film is up for auction is enough to see them scrambling for their wallets. And while it’s got a rather hefty price tag – expected to sell for nearly half a million dollars – for fans, that’s nothing. The item, they’ll be quick to tell you, is priceless.

As iCollector describes, the screen used signature mask and helmet is iconic, and has since been universally recognised as “a symbol of evil in pop culture. Both the mask and helmet are constructed of fibreglass. The Mask is painted in dark metallic grey with black accents; its interior is marked with a “1” in white paint with worn foam rubber padding and tinted plastic lenses. Two of the original three elastic straps are present to secure the mask to David Prowse’s head. The top of the mask originally secured to the jet-black helmet with a circular PVC connection (now missing; the three screw holes used to attached the PVC fitting are present).”

Tldr; the helmet is pretty much in the same condition it was in since filming wrapped. Meaning you can put your head in the same sweaty recess that Prowse did when delivering the iconic line: “Luke, I am your father.”

The set is currently available for bidding on iCollector’s website, with the auction expected to finish on September 26. For those wanting to snag the pop cultural artefact, you’ll need to reach deep into those pockets as the helmet and mask are expected to fetch between $250,000 and $450,000.

Via GQ Australia