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You Can Now Delete Your Facebook Messenger Mishaps... But You Have To Be Quick

07 February 2019
Embarrassing messages can now be recalled, but not all users approve of increasingly meddling options

We’ve all been there.

You press that “send” button, and within seconds you are overcome with dread and anxiety. In the words of Brittney Spears, you did it again.

A message written in anger. An embarrassing spelling mistake. Sending photos to the wrong person. The world of private messaging can be unforgiving.
How often have you wished you could just roll back time a few seconds to recall message that you instantly regretted?

If you’re or user or, in this case misuser, of Facebook messenger, redemption is here at last.

Facebook have announced that users of the service will soon be able to delete messages for up to 10 minutes after they are sent.

The feature, the Facebook statement added, is being rolled out to benefit anyone who has "accidentally sent a message to the wrong group of friends, mistyped something, or simply wanted to remove a message in a chat”.

Whether prompted by the discovery that Mark Zuckerberg had been secretly deleting old messages, or simply a long-time plan, Messenger now joins other Facebook-owned services like WhatsApp and Instagram in offering the delete service.

The news has been welcomed by many users on social media, though many others oppose the increasingly available options to change or delete old postings, especially on social media.

All major social media platforms have delete options, and several, like Facebook and Instagram also have edit buttons. But not the social media site that arguably needs it the most; Twitter.

For years, many users have been called for the elusive “edit” button to fix mistakes before they are commented on or retweeted.

But many believe such options represent a slippery slope, with tweeters free to return to old tweets to, in essence, rewrite history.

For now, their only choice remains the new one Facebook messengers have been gifted.