You Can Stop Panicking: Study Says 25 Cups Of Coffee A Day Won’t Kill You

By GQ Staff
11 June 2019
Coffee, Research
That should get us through 'til noon

For most of us, coffee is life blood. We can’t function without it, let alone get our socks on the right feet and make it out the door. Somewhere on the path to adult-ing, we traded our mocha-chai lattes for a double-espresso shot and some days, that’s not even enough.

At work, our breaks revolve around coffee and you can only hope that the clumsy interns steer clear of the communal coffee machine should disaster strike because, in that scenario, there will be no prisoners.

But when it comes to coffee and health, there have been mixed messages and a lot of confusion. Some research suggests that drinking coffee improves health, while other studies are quick to advise people to cut down their consumption as they perceived coffee to cause a stiffening of the arteries, putting pressure on the heart and increasing the likelihood of stroke or heart attack. That alone is enough to convert most of us to tea.

Thankfully, a new study funded in part by the British Heart Foundation, found that drinking five cups of coffee a day was no worse for the arteries than drinking less than one cup. What’s more? In their analysis of 8,000 people across the United Kingdom, even those who drank up to 25 cups a day were no more likely to experience stiffening of the arteries than someone drinking less than a cup a day.

Scientists from Queen Mary University of London divided 8,412 people into three groups, with each self-reporting its coffee consumption. The first group was made up of people who drank less than one cup of joe a day; the second made up of those who drank between one and three cups; ad the third group consisted of those who drank more than free. If you thought three cups of coffee was basically your morning wake-up call let alone daily total, there were some people who drank 25 cups a day. So yeah, you can probably rest easy. That said, the study excluded people who drank more than 25 cups of coffee a day. Considering that would mean more than one cup of coffee an hour, if the person never slept, it’s probably for the best as that is addict territory right there.

Participants in the study were then given MRI heart scans and infrared pulse wave tests. Researchers accounted for factors like age, gender, ethnicity, smoking status, weight, blood pressure, diet, and alcohol consumption, but still the findings can only be described as music to our ears.

“Drinking more than three cups of coffee a day did not significantly increase the stiffness of blood vessel compared to people who drink one cup or less a day,” Kenneth Fung, data analyst at Queen Mary University of London, told CNN in an interview.

Fung went on to add, “The main message for people to take away from this is that coffee can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle, and coffee lovers can be reassured by this result in terms of blood vessel stiffness outcomes.”

Fung does go on to clarify that the study is not advocating for coffee drinkers to go out and guzzle 25 cups a day, but to rather drink within recommended guidelines.

Interestingly, the research also indicates that moderate to heavy coffee drinkers are more likely to be male, smoke, and consume alcohol more regularly. But as Professor Metin Avkiran, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, said in a press release: “This research will hopefully put some of the media reports in perspective, as it rules out one of the potential detrimental effects of coffee on our arteries.”

Via GQ Australia