Your First Look At No Time To Die Is Here

04 December 2019
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The biggest talking point? Could Rami Malek’s character mean the return for another iconic Bond villain?

It feels like it's taken so, so long to get to this point, doesn't it? It's been more than 4 years since the release of Spectre, during which we've been bombarded with constant stories of re-writes, director re-hires, debate about the project's title, speculation as to whether or not a new, potentially female 007 will be named before or during the film, Daniel Craig getting injured, and just about every decision made in its production being scrutinised on a forensic level. Now, we finally have a look at Bond 25, officially known as No Time To Die.

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With filming having wrapped on the project and the movie on course for an April release, the film's producers first released an initial teaser trailer showing 14 very brief, very action-packed seconds of footage that seems to take Daniel Craig's secret agent all over the world once again. Cars, bikes, chases and well-tailored suits abound. 

But now, the wait is over, with the full first trailer the world has been waiting for.

After Bond fans had dissected the 15-second clip to death, the fleshed-out two and a half minute trailer reveals license to kill tension with the first female 00 agent, Lashana Lynch, and romantic tension with returning star, Léa Seydoux.

But the biggest question that fans have obsessed over since the clip dropped, is Rami Malek’s character. With next to no information available previously, the word is that the former GQ Middle East cover star’s character could actually mean the return of another classic Bond villain.

Much like Christophe Waltz’s character in Spectre saw the return of Ernst Blofeld, all fan theory points to Malek’s Safin actually being the return of iconic Bond villain, Dr No. And while the makers are remaining tight-lipped, it’s game over as far as the fans are concerned.

The rest of the teaser is largely devoted to James Bond doing very James Bond things. He wears a suit, a tuxedo, and at one point looks a little bit deshevelled in a warehouse as well. Standard Bond fare.

Oh yeah, and his Aston Martin DB5 now has machine gun headlights. So that's cool.

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The film is set for a worldwide release on April 8, 2020.

Via GQ Australia