Your First Look At Travis Scott’s Upcoming Netflix Documentary

27 August 2019
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Titled Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly, the first trailer presents a documentary that traces the rapper’s childhood and prominent rise to fame, as well as his impact on fans

Since the release of Scott’s first full-length mixtape Owl Pharaoh, the rapper has carved a lane for himself in the music industry.

Fans were quick to get behind the rapper, praising Scott for his delivery and claiming that this was a man destined for greatness. To have that much hype around, so early on in your career, would likely be enough to derail most, or at least leave them paralysed to the point of inaction. But Scott certainly lived up to and exceeded the hype, and the release of Astroworld in August of last year saw “Sicko Mode” make its way onto the Hot 100 list.

In the years that followed Owl Pharaoh, Travis Scott has become a reputable name in rap and his latest ‘Astroworld’ tour was hailed by Rolling Stone as the “greatest show on Earth.” Kylie Jenner was apparently buckled into a makeshift rollercoaster car, her baby-daddy performing next to her. It was an experience and now, as Scott revealed, fans will be able to relive it thanks to an upcoming Netflix documentary titled Travis Scott: Look Mum I Can Fly.

He may have only just released the trailer for it, but already hype around the flick continues to escalate at a rapid rate.

The documentary traces the rapper’s rise to fame, providing an insight into his childhood including commentary from family and friends. The film then goes on to explore his riveting performances and musical process, along with the making of his Astroworld Festival. As the official Netflix synopsis reads: “While crafting his Grammy-nominated album Astroworld, Travis Scott juggles controversy, fatherhood and career highs in this intimate documentary.”

Scott has been prolific in the music industry, and this is evident in the trailer, which also includes footage of his Super Bowl Halftime show appearance and interactions with fans. At one point, a fan confesses: “He saved my life.”

Scott first teased the project at a pop-up event in Houston, Texas which also serves as his hometown. Having invited fans to attend Houston’s Movie Exchange, Scott also posted a photo to Instagram where he was holding VHS tapes titled after the documentary, with the spine describing it as a “special bonus limited edition documentary video” with Netflix branding.

A photo of the description on the back of the VHS tape (revealed by a fan) said: “Tape includes never been seen footage including the making of Astroworld the album – early fatherhood – the founding of Cactus Jack the label – exclusive tour footage and much more.”

Via GQ Australia