Your Front Row Fashion Week Fantasy Is Now A Reality

29 July 2019
Fashion Week, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Anna Wintour

Fashion just went public

Ever wanted to sit next to Kanye West and Travis Scott while looking inquisitively at men’s fashion? Of course you have, and now’s your chance. The British Fashion Council this week announced that tickets for a selection of shows at London Fashion Week will soon go on sale to the public.

Nobody tell Anna Wintour.

While we know more about the inner workings of the industry than ever before – from behind-the-scenes footage of celebrities dressing for the Met Gala, to full-length documentaries of how the ateliers operate – a seat at the shows themselves is still considered the last bastion of the style elite. 

But away from the front row, the fashion industry knows that the route to an increasingly lucrative business model lies in social media exposure – and this is where the decision to open shows to the public really comes from.

The more people with access to fashion week equates more creations flooding our social media feeds. And with an increasing number of labels allowing you to shop the look as they appear on the runway, it can only read for an increasingly healthy bottom line. It’s basically a numbers game.

While certainly something that will raise manicured eyebrows, it’ll be interesting to see if other fashion weeks follow suit. Tickets are set to cost between $166 and $300 with further announcements to be made by The British Fashion Council.

Now, of course, all that remains is to rehearse your mock-outrage-at-not-being-front-row face.