eL Seed's Words Spreading Around The World
The French-Tunisian artist's solo 'Tabula Rasa' exhibition is hosted at Lazinc in London until March 9
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Netflix Wipes Out The Rest Of Its Marvel Shows, Cancels The Punisher And Jessica Jones
Netflix makes another Thanos snap and kills off its last Marvel content
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Ja Rule, Second-Worst Festival Organiser Of All Time, Is Organising Another Festival
Despite his involvement in the disastrous Fyre Festival, Ja Rule want's to have another go
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Paul Pogba Has Something To Tell You
He’s stylish. He’s funny. He’s passionate. Paul Pogba has struck a perfect balance of success and cool. After an incredible year of his own, the world champion told GQ his 10 ways to a better life
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Wonho Chung Is Minding His Language
Wonho Chung is a stand-up comedian of Korean and Vietnamese descent. He has a Jordanian passport, plays bilingual sets and is beloved in the Middle East. Nobody ever said the life of a comic in this part of the would be straight forward
What Went Wrong With Batfleck: Ben Affleck Admits ‘I Couldn’t Crack It’
The actor has finally spoken about why he hung up Batman’s cape
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