David Beckham Gives You a Masterclass in Relaxed Suiting

16 September 2019
David Beckham, Suits, Dior Homme
Here's How to Emulate it in Three Simple Steps

Just when you think you’ve got your suit game all figured out (two-button, maybe double-breasted, room in the seat, tapered leg) David Beckham turns up in an elegant, one-button, double-breasted, loose leg powder blue suit, and turns the whole thing on its head. We’re dubbing it the Anti-Peaky Blinders suit.

David Beckham

How has Beckham made this work? Well, for a start he’s David Beckham, but the real secret lies in the cut and the execution. If you want to inject some relaxed formality into your wardrobe, here’s what you need to know:

Make sure you’re a cut above the rest
Beckham’s suit fits him perfectly. And by that we don’t mean that the trousers taper at the ankle or that the jacket sticks to him like a second skin. Instead, he has room to move without things looking like they’re too big. To emulate this, try going up one chest size in a suit and having the sides taken in. Where trousers are concerned you’ll need to look for a straight or wide leg finish.

Keep it clean
The powder blue of Beckham’s suit pops next to his tanned holiday skin and the two are emphasized by a bright white T-shirt underneath and equally phosphorescent sneakers. You’ll notice that he’s also conspicuously accessory free. No rings, no necklace, no pocket square, no phone. That’s because this is about minimalism. Keep your silhouette as clean as your trainers.

Take the soft option
Look at this jacket. It looks loose, relaxed, un-stuffy. That’s because the invisible structure of the jacket has been left deliberately soft. Savile Row tailors can use padding and pleats to give your broader shoulders and a slimmer waist, but the result can often leave you feel like you’re wearing a suit of armour. This Dior suit is soft, relaxed and not trying to hide anything. The end result will be the same on the wearer.