Dylan Brosnan Stole The Show At The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Premiere

24 July 2019
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Dylan Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan, Quentin Tarantino, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Premiere
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The son of James Bond looked set for maximum impact

So, we should probably talk about Dylan Brosnan.

Last night the 22-year-old played the time honoured role of famous offspring that you haven’t really seen since those cute baby photos and now, well, where the heck did THAT come from?

The son of former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan (in Bond circles we refer to him as number six), caused minor mayhem at the premiere of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, walking the carpet outside the Chinese Theater with his father in what basically looked like the best FaceApp transformation you’ve ever seen.

Dylan and pierce Brosnan

And while Pierce sported a dark blue suit and low-buttoned white shirt, looking as slick as you would expect from a man who’s car once had the license plate: Icy Calm (seriously), the 6ft 5in model son took the dress code a little more strictly. Wearing a burnt tan leather jacket, button-down white shirt, wide-legged light blue jeans and retro sneakers, Brosnan jnr looked like he’d walked straight off-set from a Dazed And Confused reboot.

Now this is a family that’s harbouring strong genes. As well as walking the runway for Saint Laurent in the spring 2015 and ’16 shows, Brosnan the younger is also a composer and cinematographer. Last year he scored the short It’ll Be Alright and in 2015 composed for Out Of Reach.

Who knows, perhaps last night’s appearance was basically a high-profile networking exercise for him. Pierce would do the intros, of course, slipping a business card to relevant parties via well-practised handshake, leaving Dylan to close the deal. And while Tarantino could be a closed shop (the rumour is he’s talking retirement), a red carpet featuring Leo, Brad and more is prime hunting ground.

Good luck son of Brosnan, good luck.