Experts Have Finally Confirmed That The Window Seat Is Best For Sleeping On A Plane

By Brad Nash
13 December 2018
Travel, Airlines
Well, aside from Business Class and First Class, obviously

Realistically, unless you have a particularly weak bladder or a crippling social fear of asking people to stand up so you can get out of your seat, there aren't a lot of reasons to choose the aisle seat on a plane. Now, science has confirmed what we basically all thought: if you want to get anything resembling a decent bit of sleep on a plane, if you're in the aisle, you're in denial.

Speaking to Business Insider, a sleep science coach and co-founder of Tuck, Bill Fish, has confirmed that the window seat is in-fact where it's at if you want to get a restful sleep when you're slumming it in economy.

“With the window, you are able to give at least some stability to your neck to keep your spine aligned that isn’t possible in the middle or aisle seat," he said. "The second key is that if the person in the middle or aisle seat need to get up to use the restroom or move around the plane, you won’t be disturbed."

Let's face it, at the end of the day, traveling is a deeply, deeply selfish business. Better to be the disturber than the disturbed. You're not going to meet your neighbours again. Let them hate you as much as they want.

Insider backed this up by speaking to Rishi Kapoor, the founder and CEO of Nanak Flights, a Canadian-based travel agency, who said that not only is the window seat the best place on a plane to get some shut-eye, but customers should also aim to sit smack-bang in the middle of the plane as much as possible.

“Too far back and you might be disturbed by all the foot traffic headed to the washroom or the flushing noises," he said. "Too far up front and you’ll be hearing the back and forth of the flight attendants going to the kitchen (depending on the aircraft, the kitchen might be in the back) or going between first class and economy.”

Makes sense to us, although the best course of action is always to just be extre polite to a flight attendant in the hope of moving up to the emergency exit seat no-one could be bothered to pay extra for.

Via GQ Australia