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How has FIFA, that shining beacon of sporting simulation, become so strangely divorced from actual football?
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Rami Malek is the Leading Man the World Needs
Turns out, the leading man of tomorrow might be anything but conventional. And so he should be. With Egypt in his heart and greatness in his sights, Rami Malek is forging something remarkable.
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The Best Egyptian Footballer that isn’t Mo Salah
Trézéguet (not that one) is being courted by Europe’s top clubs. Having helped Egypt to its first World Cup in 28 years, can the midfielder step out from main man Mo’s shadow this season?
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These are the Design Tricks that Make Long-Haul Flights Bearable
Thousands of individual components are combined to fill a plane's interior. And small changes can make a huge difference for passengers, especially when every wasted millimetre costs money.
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How to Stop Google from Tracking you and Delete your Personal Data
Take back control of all the data Google stores about you with our easy-to-follow security tips.
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In the Watch World, There’s a New Record-Setting Piece Every Week
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I Play Fortnite Because I Actually Like Talking on the Phone
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