The Gritty Rise Of Issam
The 26-year-old Moroccan musician, Issam, pivoted from SoundCloud to YouTube, en route to one of the largest international record deals ever signed by an Arab. His only problem? He thinks he’s running out of time
Nasri Atallah
Gerry Judah’s Work Makes Its Middle Eastern Debut
Judah's works are famed for larger-than-life temporary installations and chilling three-dimensional paintings that comment on war and conflict
Shalaka Paradkar
Ramy Abbas On Mo Salah, Football Agents, And Being Rude To People
The football lawyer and advisor-in-chief to Liverpool and Egypt star Mohamed Salah has a no-nonsense approach that’s either refreshing or infuriating – it just depends on who you ask
Amira Elraghy
Building Momentum, Pixel by Pixel
Social media should be more than its flaws. We can’t underestimate its power for good
Imad Yassin
The Quiet Fire of Nadine Njeim
She may be the star of the biggest Ramadan TV series in the Middle East, but Nadine Nassib Njeim’s message is global: no more weak female characters, no more broken women… a new era of power has arrived
Why Your Opinions Usually Aren’t Your Own
Cass Sunstein’s new book, Conformity, explores the secret (and sometimes alarming) power of social influences
Clay Skipper
As The Islamic Faith Meets New Challenges, Tolerance Is The Way Forward
While we may be in a period of both promise and threat, the only way to progress is as one
Omar Saif Ghobash