For Two Days, You Can See (and Touch) the World's Finest Wool

By Team GQ Middle East
08 November 2018
Loro Piana, DUBAI
A pop-up installation in Dubai lets you get up close and stylish

Just when you thought you couldn't appreciate wool — the eternal infatuation of the menswear world —any more than you already do, something like this comes along.

Loro Piana, the Italian brand famed for its luxury textiles, has brought its famed Gift of Kings installation to the Middle East. The installation is a celebration of the brand's remarkable wool, which is both softer than cashmere and five times finer than human hair (that's 12 microns in diameter, if you're curious).

Happily, while you can admire the sculptural installation at the Dubai Opera House, you can feel free to touch it, too. Because, after all, what good is one of the world's finest textiles if you can't feel it?

Fresh of the heels of its showing at Art Basel Hong Kong, the Dubai installation has been enclosed by an artwork from renowned artist eL Seed, who's brought his brilliant take on Arabic calligraphy to yet another public space. Also exclusive to this Emirati launch is the World Record Bale: wool that some regard to be the finest ever produced. And sure, while the World Record Bale is a strictly do-not-touch affair, it's hard to remain grumpy when you're surrounded by some of the best raw suiting materials known to man.

Loro Piana's Gift of Kings installation is open to the public from 11am-11pm, November 8 to 10 at the Dubai Opera Garden.