10 Hacks For Getting The Most Out Of Your Samsung Galaxy Fold

27 November 2019
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If you've got the craziest screen ever put on a smartphone, you may as well use it properly

A lot has been made of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, most of which revolves around it's absurdly large, multi-functional extraordinaire of a screen. It's a technical and an engineering marvel — one that when properly utilised can completely redefine the smartphone experience.

Still, it's all too easy to use Samsung's game-changing smartphone as, well, a normal smartphone. Which is a shame, because it's so much more than that — a multi-tasking, life-organising powerhouse. All you need to know is where to start.

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To give you a helping hand, we've distilled down 10 sneaky Galaxy Fold hacks that'll help you get the most out of your fancy new gizmo.

  1. Make the most of the smaller front display
    The strength of the Galaxy fold undoubtedly lies in its versatility, but that only applies if you're able to get the most out of both its huge and front-facing display. Our tip? Set your front screen up so it caters to the strengths of the smaller screen, sort of like a one-stop shop for all the essentials (clock, phone app, weather, and quick access to all your apps) that you wouldn't want to open your larger screen up just to do.

  2. Streamline the larger display
    One of the biggest advantages the Note Fold has is, quite naturally, real estate. Take the time to sort your most used apps into a coherent structure on your home screen, and you'll very quickly forget that the days of swiping to get to a certain app was even a thing.

  3. Use the app continuity
    It's tempting to go to the big daddy of screens as soon as you want to start flicking through your Instagram or Twitter feed, but you don't necessarily have to. You'll save a surprising amount of battery by starting off on the smaller display if you want to, then opening the screen up to indulge in a video or leave a comment if that's what you want to do. Android is set up so it'll carry an open app from one screen into another.

  4. Wind Down Mode
    Another Android feature aimed at striking a wellness-focused balance in your smartphone usage, Wind Down acts pretty much the same as Apple's Do Not Disturb mode. You can set a time either through Samsung's Digital Wellbeing app or just by saying 'Google, set wind down for...', at which point the screen will shift to grayscale and your notifications will be muted.

  5. Use the app continuity
    Multi-window has long been an under-appreciated feature on Samsung's normal smartphones, so it would be utterly criminal if people didn't start using it on a phone with the screen the size of the Fold's — especially given that it can display three apps at once. All you have to do is swipe in from the side to open up the app tray, select the apps you want to display, and drag them onto the home screen in whatever order you like.

    You can even have a YouTube video playing while you swipe through your Twitter and Instagram at the same time. Bliss.

  6. Customise the nav bar to your liking
    Switching from any phone to a Samsung can sometimes be a daunting experience, especially if you're not necessarily attuned to navigating around an Android phone at all. However there is a settings screen on the phone that allows you to switch and swap the way the phone's main navigation buttons work.

    You can either leave them as buttons in whatever order you wish or use Samsung's exclusive full screen swipe gestures that allow you to swipe up from the bottom of the phone to go to your chosen place. You can find the options in the display screen of the settings app.

  7. Ditto with the power button
    We're writing this under the assumption that your chosen assistant of choice is Google, not Bixby, meaning it can be super annoying if you're using what should be a power button to launch a voice assistant that you don't want. All you have to do is open the Bixby Voice app by pressing the Bixby button, tap the 3-dot menu button, click Settings, and then navigate to the Bixby key option. Select the Double press to open Bixby option, and select the app you actually want from the list of available apps.

  8. Multi tasking with notifications
    Another way of harnessing the Galaxy Fold's massive display, you can actually open new windows by dragging their notifications down into either side of the phone while multitasking.

  9. Dragging the camera shutter
    Taking a picture with a display the size of the Galaxy Fold's is by its very nature going to be tricky at points. Thankfully though, the Fold's camera app is designed to be versatile and endlessly usable. Perhaps the niftiest feature , though? The fact you can drag the camera shutter to any point on the screen to make snapping as easy as possible. 

  10. Make the most of Google's own features
    Android is a stacked platform when it comes to cool little gestures and settings, so be sure to trawl through the settings and familiarise yourself with what you can switch on and off, like the fact you can swipe the side of your palm across the screen to take a screenshot, or use the direct share feature to seamlessly transfer content betwen two android devices. The more time you spend with it, the more you'll get out of it.

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