13 Productivity Tools To Help You Crush All Your Goals In 2020

06 January 2020
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New year, new you, or something like that

In the era of endless push notifications, it can feel impossible to get a handle on your work. Our favorite productivity tools can help. They aren't going to immediately turn you into some sort of workday wizard—that probably takes some sort of spell book—but they might help you hit more deadlines and be a little less forgetful. The key thing to remember is that in order to be more productive during the work day, you're going to have to adjust some of your habits outside of working hours as well. Yes, you should absolutely get some noise-cancelling headphones and something to fidget with (a good substitute for Instagram!), but you should also take steps to more and better sleep.

Here 13 productivity tools that'll help make sure your entire day helps make your workday a better.

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Timeular tracker

The Timeular tracker is made for freelancers, who want to use it to bill their clients accurately. But it's actually a great productivity tool for keeping you honest. Think of it like a physical manifestation of the Screen Time app on your iPhone. When you're working, you flip over the side that indicates the kind of work you're doing—checking emails, drafting memos, in meetings. You can even use one of it's sides to measure your breaks. At the end of the workday, the Timeular tracker will tell you just how much time you spent on each activity. It's a bit strange at first, but having to turn over the tracker any time you want to scroll Twitter might help you fight off those distractions. $90 at Timeular

Pomodoro timer

The Pomodoro method is a popular productivity system. Basically, for every 25 minutes you spent working, you take a five minute break. You can tailor the duration of the work and break periods depending on the kind of work you do (for example, 40 minutes of work with a 10 minute break). The most important thing is that you repeat it throughout the day. This tomato-shaped timer will help. $10 at Amazon

Anker wireless charging stand

Having your phone at your desk isn't great for your productivity, but if you actually use it for work, you might not have a choice. Putting it on a charging stand is a great way to keep cords out of sight while maintaining enough juice to send Slacks when you sneak out of the office early. $19 at Amazon

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

In an open office or a coffee shop, it's easy to get distracted by a conversation or a cough or someone tapping their pen against a desk at just the wrong volume. Noise-cancelling headphones will ensure that never happens again. Our favorite, the latest pair from Bose, eat ambient sounds for breakfast. $350 at Best Buy

Moleskin classic hardcover notebook, XL

There are basically infinite to-do list and productivity apps. Each have their own advantages and limitations, but none offer the freedom of an enormous notebook. This one comes with an elastic closure that keeps your thoughts secured, and makes sure that the pages won't get folded up while in the bottom of your bag. $20 at Amazon

Nalgene 32oz wide water bottle

There's no way around the fact that your body needs water. Having a big bottle like this at your desk will minimize the amount of time you have to travel back and forth between a water fountain. And having a big bottle that's wrapped in some trippy-cool illustration will remind you that there's more to life than spreadsheets and meeting invites, which we all need now and again. Grab one of these nature-inspired bottles exclusively in the GQ Best Stuff Box, which is loaded up with other useful goods like workout shorts and sunglasses. $50 at GQ

Pilot precise V5 pens, 12-pack

A pen with a surprisingly smooth action and deeply black ink that won't cost you a fortune. $18 at Amazon

DeskView portable standing desk

You've probably heard the benefits of a standing desk lauded from coast to coast. It's better for your back and a nice way to burn some calories while loosening up your thinking. What if you could have a standing desk anywhere? This portable suction-powered standing desk offers just that. We currently have one attached to a large window here at GQ HQ where nomadic laptop-workers go to soak up the killer view and and stretch their legs. $265 at Amazon

Pilpoc fidget cube

Remember when fidget spinners were a thing like 2 years ago? They've grown up! Meet the fidget cube. It doesn't spin, but it does have a bunch of little buttons and switches that you can press and flip when you're stuck on a problem and need to zone out a bit. It has sides that don't make noise too, if you don't want to be the reason your coworkers feel the need to invest in noise-cancelling headphones. $13 at Amazon

Alaska Bear natural sleep mask

A productive day begins the night before with sleep. If you're having troubling getting the rest you need, a sleep mask might help. They look a little silly, but they do a very good job of blocking out the ambient light in your bedroom (and preventing you from looking at your phone). This one has silk on both sides, which makes it as comfortable as an extra blanket just for your face. $10 at Amazon

LectroFan white-noise machine

If it's noise and not light that's keeping you up, a white-noise machine will do a marvelous job of drowning out that bustling street. This one has 10 different sound options and a small footprint. $33 at Amazon

Philips light alarm clock

If you've ever camped in the great outdoors, you know how pleasant it can be to wake up with the rise of the sun. It makes sense then that sunrise alarm clocks have gained popularity in recent years. The clock gradually gets brighter as it gets closer to the time of your alarm, which sort of prepares your body to be awake. It makes the transition from sleep to not sleep a lot less jarring, which'll make being at work a few hours later much easier. $140 at Amazon

Tile Mate

Are you the kind of person who is always losing your keys? Having a Tile tracker on your key ring will make sure you can work throughout the day without constantly patting your pockets to make sure they're still there. If you did misplace them, you can track their location on your phone. So rest easy, and get back to that expense report. $20 at Amazon

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